9 Annoyances of Monster Hunter: World

While it appears Mon­ster Hunter: Worlds has tak­en our world by storm, it does have some under­ly­ing issues. Although this is game is still enjoy­able, these lit­tle kinks can real­ly become irri­tat­ing at times.

  1. Hav­ing to Put Your Weapon Away for Every­thing

This is prob­a­bly the most frus­trat­ing annoy­ance in the whole of Mon­ster Hunter: Worlds. You need to take a potion or eat a pill? Wait! You need to spend the 5 sec­onds it takes to put your weapon away to actu­al­ly use what you intend­ed. Need to climb some vines or rocks dur­ing the heat of bat­tle? Not until you put away your weapon. Need to carve up a mon­ster you just took down or pick any­thing up? Then you bet­ter put away that weapon first. Its a seri­ous­ly slow move­ment and an unnec­es­sary mechan­ic that will def­i­nite­ly get you killed if not timed right. Depend­ing on what you use and your armor, it can be faster or slower. 

 2. Some of the Skill Boosts on Armor are Ridiculous

It’s nice when you final­ly get a match­ing set of skills for your armor, espe­cial­ly ear­ly on. Although, some of these skills are com­plete­ly unnec­es­sary or make my blood boil. One being Pal­i­co Ral­ly, which pow­ers up you Pal­i­co. What a use­less Skill. If you are play­ing with 3 or more peo­ple, you don’t even get your Pal­i­co. Oth­er seem­ing­ly use­less Skills include:

  • Speed Crawler — increas­es your move­ment speed while crouching
  • Spore­puff Expert — recov­er health when using sporepuffs
  • Hon­ey Hunter — increas­es the quan­ti­ty of hon­ey you receive when gath­er­ing in the field (which is stu­pid any­way, because you can only hold 10 Hon­ey until you craft items with it)
  • Ento­mol­o­gist — decreas­es the chances of destroy­ing the bod­ies of small insect mon­sters, allow­ing them to be carved (what a waste of a skill)

The fact Cap­com would think peo­ple would waste spots for these, is unfath­omable. One that real­ly gets under my skin is Quick Sheath. Obvi­ous­ly, it allows you to sheath your weapon faster. What the hell. It should­n’t take me 10 years to hol­ster my weapon to begin with. How about BBQ Mas­ter, which increas­es your skill at cook­ing meat. Why can’t we just be able to do that from the get-go, vers­es mak­ing a hun­dred dif­fer­ent sets of armor to accom­plish sim­ple tasks.

3. The “Par­ty” Sys­tem is a Total Mess

I don’t think I’ve ever seen such a failed sys­tem for join­ing oth­er play­ers, in at least 5 years and this isn’t even a serv­er side issue. The fact you need to look for, cre­ate or join a squad online ses­sion is strike num­ber one. When get­ting into the game, it search­es for a con­nec­tion to a net­work. So do they want it to be an online only game, then decid­ed to put offline mode in at the last minute, which you still have to access online to get to offline. 

Strike two is not being able to just join a damn per­son who is already in a ses­sion. Why does­n’t the game have a “join friends” sec­tion? This would make it eas­i­er to see who was in a ses­sion. For play­ers who were already on and hap­pened to set their ses­sions to pri­vate (for one rea­son or anoth­er) the only way to get peo­ple to your ses­sion, is to invite them direct­ly from the friends list on your con­soles network. 

4. Main Quests and Expe­di­tions 

Im all for cut scenes in any game, but when it hin­ders my abil­i­ty to play with oth­ers… it’s unnec­es­sary. With most of the main quests, you have to start them alone. Oth­er­wise, you get a mes­sage say­ing “you are not far enough into the sto­ry” if you try to join some­one else on the same Assigned quest. After what­ev­er com­plete­ly use­less cutscene has played out, then you are allowed to send a S.O.S Flare so some­one else can join you. This isn’t an issue in oth­er games. For exam­ple, Des­tiny allows you play from start to fin­ish with anoth­er per­son, through the entire sto­ry, cutscenes and all. 

Expe­di­tions have there own annoy­ances. Like not being able to start it with a set amount of play­ers (so it seems the mon­sters are scaled to 4 play­ers, even if you only have 2) and not being able to take friends with you, unless you send up a Flare while in the expedition.

Besides the play­er prob­lem, there’s also a time lim­it on mon­sters who are roam­ing around. This can get extreme­ly frus­trat­ing when you are near cap­ture or kill, and the damn thing despawns before your very eyes. 

On top of these oth­er two irri­ta­tions, Expe­di­tions seem com­plete­ly point­less. Why waste your time just look­ing for items you may need, when you can grab them while doing any­thing else. Inves­ti­ga­tions, Option­al, and Main Quests, allow you to com­plete boun­ties and pick up any mate­ri­als you may need (with plen­ty of time to trap your monster). 

5. The “Hot­bar” is More Like a Slowbar

The short­cuts for items is just a pain to deal with in gen­er­al. Every­thing about it is frus­trat­ing. Sim­ply try­ing to access your items (espe­cial­ly while in com­bat) is ridicu­lous­ly com­plex, requir­ing you to move your fin­gers all over the place. Press and Hold L1, use square or cir­cle to rotate through your items in the pouch. To access your “short­cuts”, be pre­pared to still hold L1 and use the up and down but­tons on the D‑pad, which brings up a radi­al wheel that you then have to sift through to find the item you’re try­ing to use. 

These ARE NOT shortcuts!

6. Load­ing Screens

Ok. Im use to load­ing screens. Played Skyrim and Fall­out: New Vegas on the PS3, so I’m well aware of their exis­tence. How­ev­er, it feels like there are way to many load­ing screens in Mon­ster Hunter: Worlds. One in par­tic­u­lar is def­i­nite­ly the most irri­tat­ing. Lets say you’re in a par­tic­u­lar area and you just got done with a quest, and you want to start an inves­ti­ga­tion in the same area. Well, guess what, you need to reload the same exact area you have already been in for some time. It’s prob­a­bly because it the game wants to make sure there are not time lim­its on the beast you are hunt­ing, but come on.

7. Food 

It seems that this game loves to empha­sis the impor­tance of food. Although, when you go to Meows­culer Chef and make a meal before you leave on any quest, you have maybe 15 min­utes to enjoy its effects. Then you need to eat a ration or cook some meat, on the go, in order to get some extra sta­mi­na. Depend­ing on what you’re hunt­ing and how many peo­ple you have, your bat­tle could take a bit. It’s just anoth­er nui­sance mechan­ic to com­pli­cate the entire process of mon­ster hunting. 

8. The “Boss Fight” is Extreme­ly Boring

Nev­er has there been a more bor­ing boss fight in the his­to­ry of gam­ing. You pret­ty much just run around shoot­ing canons and bal­lis­tic arrows from a defen­sive point, wait­ing for some­thing to hap­pen. It only ends when a cutscene appears, or you get anoth­er step in the quest. It tru­ly is the most anti­cli­mac­tic boss of all time. 

9. Traps 

This is a real­ly sil­ly issue. When you place a trap down, and end up miss­ing your tar­get, you can’t place anoth­er one down until you destroy the first one. You can only car­ry one Shock and Pit­fall trap to begin with. So what’s the pur­pose of not allow­ing a play­er to place both down, con­sid­er­ing they’re not the same type of trap.

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