If you’ve played Anthem on launch day, you’re well aware of all the bugs isn’t suf­fered from. By Sun­day of it’s launch week­end, most of the irri­tat­ing prob­lems have been resolved, mak­ing the game far more enjoyable.

How­ev­er, there’s still some much need­ed qual­i­ty of life improve­ments BioWare could make. Assum­ing there’s not lim­i­ta­tions which I’m unaware of. With some tweaks, Anthem’s over­all expe­ri­ence would great­ly increase:

  1. A “Sal­vage All” But­ton

    This is big one for me. Espe­cial­ly in Anthem. You get so many drops, half the time you end up sal­vaging a major­i­ty or all of them. Hav­ing to sal­vage every­thing sep­a­rate­ly extends the time you’re in the menu or the Forge. What con­founds me is the “Read All” but­ton, which has close to no purpose.

  2. Fast Trav­el

    Ahh, fast trav­el. The fact it doesn’t exist in a game with a mas­sive open world, in 2019, blows my mind. Add a few trav­el points through­out the map. If I’m look­ing to be in a spe­cif­ic loca­tion, I should be able to trav­el, at least clos­er, to my des­ti­na­tion.

    The same can be said about fast trav­el­ing to team­mates in Freeplay. There’s noth­ing like hear­ing “I found a chest” or “There’s a World Event over here” and being a ridicu­lous dis­tant away.

  3. The Menus Need Adjust­ment

    Hon­est­ly, the menus remind me of the menus in a game from the ear­ly 2000’s. It’s blocky, unor­ga­nized, has com­plete­ly unnec­es­sary sec­tions and is, quite frankly, ugly.

    Remove the unneed­ed sec­tions, change the lay­out to some­thing more mod­ern (like Destiny’s) and please give us a sec­tion into our Forge to craft Consumables.

  4. End­ing Mis­sion Changes

    When a mis­sion ends, you only get 10 sec­onds to col­lect drops, look for mate­ri­als or find col­lectibles. This needs to be extend­ed or dou­bled.

    Anoth­er use­ful addi­tion would be the option go straight to Freeplay from any mis­sion. Or straight to anoth­er mis­sion. I don’t appre­ci­ate being forced into either going to Fort, the Forge, or the social hub. It real­ly slows down the game as a whole.

  5. Update the In-game Friends List

    This is one of the worst in-game friends list I’ve seen in a while. There are two major issues I have with it:
    * You can’t join your friends, even when they’re just hang­ing out at Fort Tar­sis. You can only join them when in Freeplay and they have open space.
    * You can’t make anoth­er mem­ber leader, forc­ing every­one to rejoin on a new leader. 

  6. Fort Tar­sis

    I dread going to Fort Tar­sis, main­ly because of all the NPC’s that nev­er stop talk­ing. It also doesn’t help that each of these NPC’s are scat­tered all over. How­ev­er, this wouldn’t be as annoy­ing if you could get through the Fort faster than a brisk walk. 

  7. Switch­ing Char­ac­ters

    In order to switch between char­ac­ters (like a save slot, not anoth­er Javelin), you have to be at the main menu, then press square. If you’ve already been play­ing on one, you have to quit, go back through all those load­ing screens, just to switch.

    Why can’t press­ing the “Resume” but­ton at the main menu just bring up a choice menu to choose the char­ac­ter you want. There should also be an option in the menu to switch char­ac­ters, which would take you back to char­ac­ter choice menu. 

  8. Launch Menu

    When chang­ing the mis­sion from the launch screen, it forces your team­mates to ready up again. They should stay ready until they use they “not ready” but­ton.

    Sec­ond­ly, adjust­ing the par­ty to be pri­vate makes no sense. If I set the par­ty to pri­vate, it’s because I want it that way. Why it asks me if I wish to pro­ceed with this set­ting when start­ing a mis­sion, is point­less and can be tricky. Instead of press­ing X, which would be the nat­ur­al but­ton, you must press cir­cle (PS4) to confirm.

A big dif­fer­ence could be made if just a cou­ple of these were imple­ment­ed into Anthem. Cur­rent­ly, BioWare is plan­ning on chang­ing the drops, which hope­ful­ly arrives soon. Since Anthem’s launch, BioWare has been work­ing rather hard to make the need­ed fix­es to get this game in bet­ter shape.