5 Quick Tips for Fallout 4 (No Spoilers)


5 Quick Tips for Fallout 4 (No Spoilers)

  1. When using power armor instead of letting your fusion core run dry, remove it just before it is fully drained. Vendors will buy fusion cores for the same price whether they are 100% or 1%.

  2. To maximize the amount a companion can carry command them to use power armor. Not only will this not drain the fusion core thus giving you constant access to power armor, but it will also increase your companion’s carry weight. The only downside is any damage the armor receives will remain until it is repaired.

  3. If you find a gun with mods that you may want, but isn’t quite up to snuff, you can remove the mods by switching them to their default options. Doing this will allow you to then equip whatever mod you removed to another gun of the same kind.

  4. It’s easy to run out of adhesive as many crafting options use adhesive as a component, but players can quite literally farm it. Plant corn, tato, mutfruit and build the largest water purifier you can. Doing this gives you all you need to make a steady supply Vegetable Starch at any cooking station which in turn can be broken down for 5 adhesive.

  5. If you want to level up faster, sleep for the well rested perk or create squirrel stew at a cooking station for another 2% exp bonus. Using these before the end of a quest or building a settlement will help you level up quickly.

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