Review: Chibis of Final Fantasy Past

The ini­tial  premise of World of Final Fan­ta­sy is a return to the basics for the Final Fan­ta­sy series.  Turn based com­bat, ran­dom ene­my encoun­ters, a sto­ry rel­e­vant to the things you’re doing, innocu­ous sid­e­quests, gear man­age­ment, lev­el­ling charts.  In all real­i­ty it would be a fan­tas­tic entry from a series that has failed to impress in years.  It has a lot of nos­tal­gic ref­er­ences, con­tain­ing char­ac­ters and crea­tures from Final Fan­tasies gone by.  A real sol­id piece of Square Enix prod­uct.  There’s just one glar­ing issue.


The whole game is designed for  chil­dren.  I repeat:  chil­dren.  Chibi art style, head stack­ing mon­sters, poor and ungain­ly dia­logue (seri­ous­ly, I think the Cloud wannabe is autis­tic) lead to a game that is impos­si­ble for any func­tion­ing adult to plow through with­out feel­ing shame at the very least, “spe­cial” at best.  Even with the fast-for­ward func­tion dur­ing cutscenes, of which there are a LOT, you still have a lin­ger­ing sense that you’re sup­posed to be 5.


That’s all well and good, I sup­pose, as I’m sure nobody at SE sat at the con­fer­ence table and said “Y’know what our demo­graph­ic would love?  Com­plet­ing child­like chal­lenges and see­ing all their favorite char­ac­ters from our his­to­ry in chibi form.”  I’m cer­tain they designed the game for gamers who have kids they want to turn into gamers. 


The real bot­tom line is that Square Enix knows how to make games in the clas­sic Final Fan­ta­sy style, yet they con­tin­ue to try to give us new twists that nobody asked for.  They also released  Final Fan­ta­sy XV this year, a game so far removed from what makes a game Final Fan­ta­sy that WoFF might as well be the actu­al XV, chibis or not.


Bot­tom Line:  Don’t buy this game unless you have kids, or your inter­net friends will laugh at you.

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