3D Action Combat Game “Malicious Fallen” Coming to PS4

For any­one who played the pre­vi­ous games in this series, then you should be excit­ed to hear, Mali­cious Fall­en is head­ing to the PS4 on Feb­ru­ary 21st, 2017. 

The Mali­cious series is known for its ethe­re­al visu­als and boss-bat­tle game­play. The series pre­vi­ous­ly launched on the PS3 and the PS Vita, but since it has moved to the PS4 the team at Alvion Inc. (cre­ators of Mali­cious) were able to boost the graph­ics, speed, and respon­sive­ness. It will also run in 1080p, try to keep a steady 60 FPS, and will have PS4 Pro support. 

3D Action Combat Game "Malicious Fallen" Coming to PS4

Mali­cious Fall­en includes new chap­ters, stages, and new ele­ments. You don’t just get Fall­en, this is a Defin­i­tive edi­tion, so it will include a remas­tered ver­sion of the two games before it. If you have nev­er played those games you can enjoy them from the start, or if you have, enjoy them again. Either way, that is a win. Below is a pho­to gallery to if you want to see more.

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