Infin­i­ty Ward has been push­ing plen­ty of patch­es to Call of Duty: Mod­ern War­fare, but let’s be hon­est, more needs to be changed. Of course, these are my thoughts on what I wish they would adjust. How­ev­er, there are prob­a­bly oth­ers out there who think along the same lines as I do. All of my sug­ges­tions per­tain to the mul­ti­play­er side of the game:

1. Redesign Maps

These maps pro­mote some of the most annoy­ing camp­ing rou­tines I’ve ever seen in a Call of Duty. There’s too much of every­thing in these maps, like sec­ond floors, win­dows, head­glitch areas and build­ings with too many doors. It makes for ter­ri­ble map flow, and since the time-to-kill is so fast it just prompts peo­ple to stay in one area. 

2. Weapon Bal­ance

I know they’ve been doing a lot of weapon tun­ing with the last cou­ple of patch­es, but some changes are not for the bet­ter. SMG’s are now com­pet­ing with AR’s at range, which should­n’t be hap­pen­ing. I don’t want to see anoth­er Call of Duty appease the play­ers who just want to use a SMG on every map. Plus, the M4 is still among the most used weapons, as it com­petes with the new SMG standard.

3. Real­ism Should Have a Fil­ter Option

The fact that Real­ism did­n’t have a mosh­pit to begin with, was rather irri­tat­ing. When it was put in, I was hop­ing there was a fil­ter option. Play­ing cer­tain modes in Real­ism, like Kill Con­firmed, were peo­ple don’t want to run out and pick up tags, is one of the many rea­sons why a fil­ter should exist. We can’t choose the map, there­fore can’t choose the mode, so putting a fil­ter option is a log­i­cal choice, espe­cial­ly if Infin­i­ty Ward does­n’t want to give us map selection.

4. Dai­ly Missions

While I appre­ci­ate the dai­ly mis­sions, they should­n’t be tied to a dai­ly rota­tion. Most peo­ple are busy with work, school or chil­dren. They just don’t have all day to sit and play Call of Duty. The dai­ly mis­sions should be more like con­tracts. Let play­ers choose a mis­sion and if they don’t com­plete it with­in that day, it’s still avail­able for them to fin­ish when they have the time. If they want­ed to attempt anoth­er mis­sion from the new set on the fol­low­ing day, what­ev­er one they chose would replace what­ev­er cur­rent one they had. 

5. Com­pare Button

Why is there no com­pare but­ton? For any­thing. You can’t com­pare weapons, but more impor­tant­ly, you can’t com­pare weapon attach­ments. It’s make it’s rather annoy­ing to see how one attach­ment affects your weapon, espe­cial­ly because of the lengthy attach­ment lists. Some of the attache­ments have the same pros and cons, so there real­ly isn’t a way to tell if one is bet­ter than the oth­er, unless you look at the stats direct­ly and even then, it’s a process. 

6. Prestige

This is one of the worst deci­sions made to a Call of Duty title yet. Adding jet­packs can’t even com­pare to the removal of pres­tige. No one had a prob­lem with the pres­tige sys­tem and they effec­tive­ly elim­i­nat­ed any rea­son to want to play after reach­ing 155. I real­ly don’t need this game to be like Fort­nite, where every­thing you do is based around a sea­son­al change.

7. More Load­outs

I get Infin­i­ty Ward wants play­ers to use their blue­print sys­tem, but real­ly, it’s ridicu­lous. I should­n’t have to keep switch­ing my weapon load­outs. Put in more load­outs or add back the pres­tige sys­tem so we can earn more loadouts.

8. Perks

Wow, the perks in this game JUST SUCK. Play­ers take advan­tage of perks like Shrap­nel and Restock, so they can lay down a ridicu­lous amount of clay­mores and prox­im­i­ty mines. This also pro­motes camp­ing. Oth­er perks just don’t seem as use­ful as they once did. Cold-Blood­ed does­n’t keep you unde­tectable from all ene­my kill­streaks (obvi­ous­ly not the UAV). Quick Fix and High Alert are com­plete­ly use­less. I’ve seen plen­ty of play­ers using Hard­line, Shrap­nel, E.O.D., Ghost, Restock and Overkill, but not much else. While I’m not a fan of Dead Silence being a perk, adding it might push peo­ple to move around the map.

9. Kill­streaks to Scorestreaks

This may be an unpop­u­lar opin­ion, but I want score­streaks back. This will, hope­ful­ly, make play­ers push points or grab tags, because peo­ple are only wor­ried about get­ting their kill­streaks. I used to play all the game modes, but quick­ly real­ized no one cared about the objec­tive. I’ve been in too many DOM 20 Play­er and Hard­point match­es where half or more of my team runs to one build­ing to camp it. It has made me not want to play objec­tive game modes. 

10. Spawns

Ahh, spawns. One of the most irri­tat­ing things in Call of Duty, since none of the three devel­op­ment teams can ever get it right. How­ev­er, the fact that a major­i­ty of these maps have plen­ty of places to spawn you and your team­mates so you don’t get stuck in a spawn trap, but it does­n’t happen. 

11. Bat­tle Pass

While I do own the Bat­tle Pass, I don’t like the way its Tiers are set up. Why should peo­ple who don’t have the Bat­tle Pass be sub­ject­ed to unlock­ing a ton of tiers they can’t get items from? Set all the free items with­in the first 20 tiers so those with and with­out the Bat­tle Pass can get those items right away. 

12. Teams

Please let me see my team before the game starts. I hon­est­ly don’t want to be forced to play against full par­ties, when I don’t have my team with me. I also seem to be paired with the low­est lev­els in the lob­by, which has always been a prob­lem in Call of Duty. Bal­ance the teams more so you have some high lev­el and low lev­el play­ers on a team.

This is what I wish to see changed, but my hopes that any of these will hap­pen is slim to none. In real­i­ty, the prob­lem is that Infin­i­ty Ward made Call of Duty: Mod­ern War­fare for the younger crowd, instead of lis­ten­ing to the old­er play­ers and get­ting back to the true tra­di­tion­al roots of the franchise.