Last April Sony announced its Play At Home ini­tia­tive, giv­ing gamers some­thing to look for­ward to dur­ing the COVID-19 pan­dem­ic: free games. Ini­tial­ly, they gave out two free titles, Unchart­ed: The Nathan Drake Col­lec­tion and Journey. 

This was then extend­ed to this year, when Ratch­et & Clank was made avail­able for free on March 1st. It will still be avail­able to grab until March 31st. Once you redeem the game, it’s yours to keep. 

The next con­tent drop for Play At Home releas­es on March 25th, this time with a hefty selec­tion of games to choose from. Most of these games are from PlaySta­tion’s top inde­pen­dent part­ners and the extend­ed tri­al offer for Funi­ma­tion (or Wakan­im) in the coun­tries where they are avail­able. There are also a selec­tion of PS VR titles.

10 More Free Games Arriving To Sony's Play At Home Really Soon

You can see the full list of free games below:

Free Games for March 25, 2021

  • Abzû*
  • Enter the Gungeon**
  • Rez Infi­nite*
  • Sub­nau­ti­ca*
  • The Wit­ness*
  • Astro Bot Res­cue Mis­sion (VR)
  • Moss* (VR)
  • Thumper* (Thumper)
  • Paper Beast* (VR)

These games can be down­loaded start­ing on March 25th 8:00pm PT / March 26 03:00 GMT / 04:00 CET to April 22 8:00pm PT / April 23 04:00 BST / 05:00 CEST.

  • *- Not avail­able in Chi­na
  • **- Not avail­able in Chi­na, Hong Kong, Indone­sia, Malaysia, Sin­ga­pore, Tai­wan, and Thailand.

Funimation/ Wakanim

In par­tic­i­pat­ing coun­tries, PlaySta­tion is also offer­ing an extend­ed tri­al of Funi­ma­tion (or Wakan­im in cer­tain regions). It’s a joint ven­ture between Sony Pic­tures Enter­tain­ment and Ani­plex of Japan. The ani­me-focused sub­scrip­tion ser­vice includes shows like My Hero Acad­e­mia, Demon Slay­er: Kimet­su no Yai­ba, Attack on Titan, and Fruit Bas­ket. This offer kicks off on March 25th and is avail­able through April 22nd***

***- FUNIMATION — On top of the stan­dard 14-day tri­al, new users can get an addi­tion­al three months. WAKANIM — New users will get 90 days. Unless you can­cel your sub­scrip­tion before the end of the peri­od, your sub­scrip­tion will auto­mat­i­cal­ly roll into a paid-for, ongo­ing sub­scrip­tion with a recur­ring month­ly fee. Age restric­tions apply. Offer avail­able from March 25 8pm PDT – April 22 11:59 PDT.

10 More Free Games Arriving To Sony's Play At Home Really Soon

Anoth­er major addi­tion to Play At Home this spring is the Hori­zon Zero Dawn Com­plete Edi­tion. It will be avail­able to down­load for free between April 19 8:00pm PT / April 20 04:00 BST / 05:00 CEST and May 14 8:00pm Pacif­ic Time / May 15 04:00 BST / 05:00 CEST.