Zombies in Hindsight: Dying Light

After much thought and debate with myself, I, Izzari, being of sound mind and rel­a­tive­ly in shape body, do declare that I enjoyed the game Dying Light.  Now, I know what you’re think­ing.  Prob­a­bly some­thing like, “This is impos­si­ble!  Izzari nev­er likes games!” or “My whole con­cept of real­i­ty has just shift­ed irrev­o­ca­bly!”.  Just keep your head togeth­er and I’ll explain.  Every­thing is going to be okay.


We’ll begin with my biggest pet peeve; the sto­ry­line.  Dying Light’s is sol­id all the way through.  Pre­dictable?  Yeah, sure, but what isn’t nowa­days.  Hon­est­ly, I don’t know if I’ve low­ered my stan­dards or just have a soft spot for zom­bies, but I thor­ough­ly enjoyed the sto­ry in this game.  The char­ac­ters were lik­able, includ­ing the vil­lains.  There were no filler mis­sions in the main sto­ry quest — I can­not stress this enough, I HATE FILLER MISSIONS.  “Hey, I know you’re busy with sav­ing us all and such, but we real­ly need you to go see why we haven’t heard from so and so real quick before you get back to it.  I’m sure the plague/demon/virus/generic vil­lain will wait before pro­ceed­ing  with what­ev­er they’ve got going on.”  So.  Kudos on that, Tech­land.  Also — spoil­er alert? — it leaves off open end­ed, leav­ing room for a sequel god damned DLC.  Please, please do not do the DLC sto­ry exten­sion non­sense, Tech­land.  I beg you.  The Anti-DLC Move­ment begs you.  Do the work and make anoth­er great game.


Mov­ing on, the lev­el­ing sys­tem is genius.  I mean, gain­ing skills based on your style of play?  Rev­o­lu­tion­ary.  The co-op sys­tem was flaw­less as far as I’m con­cerned.  Side mis­sions were enter­tain­ing and actu­al­ly influ­enced the uni­verse you play in to some extent.  Weapons stayed pret­ty on par with your lev­el, night­time was actu­al­ly scary, and until you put in as much time as Red, you are nev­er com­plete­ly safe.


There real­ly is noth­ing bad I can say about this game.  Sure, I could nit-pick that I beat the main sto­ry in 12 hours or so, most of which I was run­ning around doing noth­ing, but I’m not going to.  Why?  Because the rest of the game keeps you involved for far more than that.  As The Elder Scrolls have proved over and over, when your game is enter­tain­ing to just play, the length of the sto­ry gets swal­lowed in the lifes­pan of the game.


And for those of you that like a rat­ing on a game, also known as tl;dr, I rate this game thusly:

If I were drunk, I would fight some­one knock­ing Dying Light.  Seri­ous­ly, play it.

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  1. Dying Light has been a great expe­ri­ence, and the addi­tion of hard mode has added some seri­ous re-playability.

  2. Dying Light has been a great expe­ri­ence, and the addi­tion of hard mode has added some seri­ous re-playability.

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