Des­tiny 2’s biggest expan­sion yet, For­sak­en launch­es one week from today and Bungie has dropped a new trail­er for Des­tiny 2’s For­sak­en expan­sion. In the trail­er we get to see Cay­de’s last badass moments and the hell that Uldren Sov has brought upon him­self. Check it out below.

For­sak­en also brings some big changes and fea­tures to Des­tiny 2:

  • New sto­ry cen­tred around The Reef and a team of dan­ger­ous Fall­en Barons you must hunt down
  • A new des­ti­na­tion, The Tan­gled Shore
  • Gam­bit, a new mode that fus­es PvE and PvP
  • A new Raid set in end-game space The Dream­ing City
  • Nine new Supers, one for each sub-class
  • New weapons and armour, includ­ing a new weapon type — the bow and arrow
  • Changes to the way weapons work, from a new equip sys­tem to ran­dom rolls and mod adjustments
  • A new ‘Col­lec­tion’ track­er for activ­i­ties, achieve­ments and lore
  • PlaySta­tion exclu­sive additions

Des­tiny 2 For­sak­en will be avail­able Sep­tem­ber 4th 2018 for the Playsta­tion 4, Xbox One and PC.