This Year’s Assassin’s Creed: Origins Leaked

Today on the Assas­s­in’s Creed sub­red­dit an image of the next game in the series was leaked. The game is sup­pos­ed­ly called Assas­s­in’s Creed: Ori­gins and will take place in Egypt. 

The image itself depicts a man with a shield on his back along with a bow and arrows as he stands on a sail­ing boat. In game text states to “Assas­si­nate the Croc­o­dile” and the cur­rent object is to “Fol­low Shadya to Khenut’s vil­la”. Both of the names are Egypt­ian and one is like­ly refer­ring to the wife of King Unas. 

All of this infor­ma­tion is sup­port­ed by a report from WWG ear­li­er on the 6th of May and Kotaku in 2016. Eurogamer has also stat­ed that the image is real and the game will indeed take place in Egypt. 

More infor­ma­tion on Assas­s­in’s Creed: Ori­gins has leaked how­ev­er the valid­i­ty of the infor­ma­tion is only backed by the word of anony­mous users or oth­er gam­ing web­sites. Red­dit user “ummm­lolwtf” has com­plied the most recent infor­ma­tion from the orig­i­nal red­dit user who leaked the image. 

  • The AC4 team is work­ing on this. Ashraf Ismail is like­ly the game direc­tor and Dar­by McDe­vitt is like­ly the main writer.
  • Ancient Egypt, sup­pos­ed­ly in the Fifth Dynasty of the Old King­dom (2494 to 2345 BC) if we go by the recent pic­ture leak.
  • The char­ac­ter has a shield, a spear and a bow.
  • The game will fea­ture naval game­play (not naval com­bat though) and horse game­play. Mirages are like­ly a part of the game as well.
  • Some­one in the game will be called “The Crocodile”
  • There will be small­er game­play seg­ments tak­ing place in the same set­ting but dif­fer­ent time peri­ods. Per­haps this will be the mod­ern day seg­ments? Dar­by did say a long time ago the best way to do mod­ern day is to reuse the his­tor­i­cal assets in a mod­ern con­text, akin to Brotherhood.
  • Inte­ri­ors are in the game (not sur­pris­ing obviously)
  • Com­bat is sup­pos­ed­ly ‘freeform’, sim­i­lar to Witch­er 3. In fact the game itself has a ‘witch­er’ feel to it.
  • The world is seam­less. You can go from water to land to city with­out a load­ing screen.
  • Ubi will start their mar­ket­ing cam­paign by the end of this month, with a full reveal at E3, includ­ing cin­e­mat­ic and game­play trail­ers and game­play demos.
  • Desmond Miles will NOT be in the game.
  • There will be a con­trol­lable pet eagle. I imag­ine this will be an inter­ac­tive ver­sion of eagle vision.
  • The game is rough­ly 3 times the size of AC4.
  • Will like­ly release in October.
  • Said to be very colour­ful, as evi­dent some­what in the picture.
  • The game fea­tures Khenut, the Queen of Egypt dur­ing the Fifth Dynasty of the Old King­dom, and is the wife of King Unas.
  • The game will release on PS4, Xbox One and PC. It will NOT release on the Nin­ten­do Switch

There is some con­flict­ing infor­ma­tion and infor­ma­tion not include here from WWG. They state that “Naval com­bat, nat­u­ral­ly, is also said to be includ­ed” how­ev­er the red­dit user says there will not be naval com­bat. WWG also states that the game will take place in Egypt, but will “go beyond it — pos­si­bly even as far as Greece”. The sto­ry is said to cen­ter around the ori­gin Assas­s­in’s guild and will have a man and a woman as the pro­tag­o­nists. Pro­gres­sion will not be direct­ly tied to sto­ry either; instead the pro­gres­sion sys­tem will resem­ble Skyrim. 

None of this infor­ma­tion has been offi­cial­ly con­firmed by Ubisoft. If cur­rent trends remain true then Ubisoft will like­ly con­firm Assas­s­in’s Creed: Ori­gins exis­tence and reveal more dur­ing E3.

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