Xbox Spring Update Coming to Insiders Today

Xbox announced that the spring update for Xbox One, is arriv­ing to the Xbox Insid­ers Alpha Ring today. So they are giv­ing all Xbox own­ers a sneak peak at what to expect when this update goes live for everyone.

Support for 1440p

Xbox Spring Update Coming to Insiders Today

Xbox One X and Xbox One S can now sup­port 1440p out­put for games and media. This is the pop­u­lar choice for PC users, as this res­o­lu­tion fills pix­el gaps bring­ing it from Full HD to 4K display.

Mixer Interactivity 

Xbox Spring Update Coming to Insiders Today

Mix­er stream­ers on Xbox One can now share their con­troller with a Mix­er view­er who is watch­ing through This is an option­al change, of course. Stream­ers can share their entire con­troller (exclud­ing the Xbox but­ton) while play­ing any Xbox game, and the view­er can take con­trol via on-screen gamepad or by plug­ging a con­troller into their PC.

Share con­troller isn’t the only new fea­ture for Mix­er. Broad­casts no longer stop when you switch games. Instead it will pause or exit to the dash­board while switch­ing. View­ers will see a pause screen before you jump back in. You will see an over­lay let­ting you know your stream has been paused. You can also start your Mix­er broad­cast from any­where on Xbox One.

Microsoft Edge

Xbox Spring Update Coming to Insiders Today

Now the brows­er on Xbox One has been updat­ed to look more mod­ern, but still feel famil­iar. The brows­ing expe­ri­ence has been made eas­i­er to nav­i­gate with a con­troller. Improve­ments to the Favorites and His­to­ry make it sim­pler to return to your favorite sites. Microsoft Edge now allows you to down­load and upload pic­tures, music and videos from the con­sole. Down­load con­tent can be browsed  with the File Explor­er app. Oth­er new fea­tures to note are tab mut­ing, read aloud and autofill.

Immersive Audio

There is now an option to to selec­tive­ly bal­ance game audio against back­ground music with­in the Guide. Sys­tem sounds on Home and in the Guide have been revamped to sup­port spa­tial audio. 

Invite Filtering Tools for Club Owners

Xbox Spring Update Coming to Insiders Today

Club admin­is­tra­tors can now fil­ter invi­ta­tions based on var­i­ous cri­te­ria, includ­ing rep­u­ta­tion, Gamer­score, and rec­om­men­da­tions from exist­ing club mem­bers. For exam­ple, look­ing for hard­core PlayerUnknown’s Bat­tle­grounds play­ers? Set a fil­ter to only show invi­tees with over 200 hours of play­time. Club admin­is­tra­tor fil­ters will remain the same until they are changed. Club invi­tees will now appear in a ver­ti­cal list, with details such as their Gamertag, Gamer­pic, Gamer­score, a line not­ing if the new invi­tees were rec­om­mend­ed by an exist­ing club mem­ber, and a rep­u­ta­tion indicator.

Smarter Feeds

Soon, you’ll be able to sort through your club feeds show­ing you “what’s hot” and “top posts.” Also, you’ll be able to dis­able com­ments on your feed posts across clubs, Game Hubs, and Com­mu­ni­ty. Final­ly, you can clean up your feeds by hid­ing posts for broad­casts once they’ve ended.

Open Tournaments

Xbox Spring Update Coming to Insiders Today

Access­ing tour­na­ments direct­ly from Game Hubs so you don’t have to be a mem­ber of a club to start or join a tournament. 

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