Xbox Series X|S Is The Fastest-Selling Xbox Ever

The Xbox Series X|S con­sole plat­form is the fastest-sell­ing Xbox of all time, with total sales reach­ing an esti­mat­ed 6.5 mil­lion units in sales.

From the peri­od from launch until now, the Xbox Series X|S is the fast-sell­ing Xbox con­sole fam­i­ly, accord­ing to Microsoft CEO Satya Nadel­la dur­ing the com­pa­ny’s earn­ing call.

Niko Part­ners ana­lyst Daniel Ahmad said his firm esti­mates that the total sell-in fig­ure for the Xbox Series X|S is 6.5 as of June 30th. This is beyond the 5.7 mil­lion sold for the Xbox One and 5.0 mil­lion for Xbox 360 over a sim­i­lar sale peri­od after launch. 

This achieve­ment for the Series X|S–as well as the PS5 (which is also the fastest-sell­ing PlaySta­tion con­sole ever)–are notable due to the ongo­ing chip shortage.

Xbox also had a strong quar­ter with total gam­ing rev­enue, hav­ing it rise by 11%, or $357 mil­lion for the peri­od. Xbox hard­ware sales surged even high­er, by a whop­ping 172%. How­ev­er, con­tent and ser­vices has declined by 4% due to low­er third-par­ty game sales.

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