Xbox One Update Coming Soon: Some Can Use it Now

Major Nel­son (Lar­ry Hryb) announced updates com­ing to Xbox One for all play­ers in the com­ing months. For now, Xbox Insid­ers in the Alpha Ring will be the first peo­ple to expe­ri­ence the new improve­ments. This update is quot­ed as “all about personalization.”

Xbox One Update Coming Soon: Some Can Use it Now

Cus­tomize Your Home:

On you Xbox One Home, you can now add your favorites right to it. Favorite game, favorite friend, favorite any­thing. Just select one, press the Menu but­ton on your con­troller, and select “Add to Home.” It cre­ates an entire block of con­tent that can be moved up or down, or that you can com­plete­ly remove alto­geth­er. These blocks will also show Activ­i­ty Feed post from the devel­op­er, show when your friends are play­ing the game in that block, sug­gest your next Achieve­ment, and pro­vid­ed a short­cut to the Game Hub for that title.

Xbox One Update Coming Soon: Some Can Use it Now

Effort­less Guide Navigation:

There more changes made to the Guide, which is hor­i­zon­tal instead of the cur­rent ver­ti­cal set­up. This makes it eas­i­er to use the left thumb­stick, d‑pad, or bumpers on the con­troller. Tabs in the new Guide include, Sign-in, Achieve­ments, mul­ti­play­er (includ­ing par­ties, Look­ing for Group, and tour­na­ments), Peo­ple, Home and recent mes­sages, broad­casts and cap­tures, and a new action cen­ter (includ­ing settings).

Xbox One Update Coming Soon: Some Can Use it Now

Immer­sive Community:

The com­mu­ni­ty sec­tion also got a revamp. Play­ers can now see more con­tent “at-a-glance.” When look­ing at a feed in detail, they get a full screen view. Com­ment win­dows are also expand­ed to full screen view. Game Hubs, Pro­files, and Clubs are also refreshed, mak­ing it more inter­est­ing overall.

Xbox One Update Coming Soon: Some Can Use it Now

Win­dows 10 Game Bar:

Win­dows 10 also got a some improve­ments due to the Xbox update. Their Game Bar now has a direct switch that allows to enable or dis­able Game Mode on a per-game basis. Mix­er broad­cast­ing will now have more options; along with set­tings option to choose to broad­cast game-only audio, or sys­tem-wide audio. Also, a new Xbox Live Net­work Trou­bleshoot­ing option has been added to the Set­tings menu in Win­dows 10.

To see more about the Xbox One update, along with a video of Lar­ry Hryb and Mike Ybar­ra, just check it out below:

Source: Major Nel­son 

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