Microsoft is rebrand­ing Xbox Live to Xbox Net­work. This brand­ing was first spot­ted in the Xbox dash­board recent­ly for beta testers, with clips being uploaded to “Xbox net­work” instead of Xbox Live. Short­ly after it start­ed to cir­cu­late the inter­net, Microsoft con­firmed the name change.

In a state­ment to The Verge, a Microsoft spokesper­son said “Xbox net­work’ refers to the under­ly­ing Xbox online ser­vice, which was updat­ed in the Microsoft Ser­vices Agree­ment. The update from ‘Xbox Live’ to ‘Xbox net­work’ is intend­ed to dis­tin­guish the under­ly­ing ser­vice from Xbox Live Gold memberships.”

Microsoft has been using Xbox Live to ref­er­ence their Xbox ser­vice since its launch 18 years ago. So this speaks vol­umes, as Microsoft is will­ing to change Xbox after sp many years.

Despite the name change, Xbox Live Gold ser­vices will be no dif­fer­ent than before. You’ll still need it to play online games and the Games with Gold titles will remain the same.