Xbox Game Pass Titles For July Unveiled

We are a week almost a week into a new month and Microsoft has just announced anoth­er set of title for Xbox Game Pass. As usu­al, the com­pa­ny list­ed some of the games com­ing to and leav­ing the ser­vice for July across con­sole, mobile, and PC.

Some of these titles are already avail­able via the Xbox One/Xbox Series X edi­tion of Game Pass and are com­ing to the cloud. Oth­ers are head­ing to all three plat­forms, and UFC 4 will be avail­able on con­sole through Game Pass Ulti­mate with a bun­dled EA Play membership.

Xbox Game Pass Titles For July Unveiled

Of course, Microsoft also announced sev­er­al games leav­ing the ser­vice start­ing on July 14th. This is unlike­ly the only games that will be added this month, as Microsoft usu­al­ly has two drops a month for Xbox Game Pass. You can check out what’s new and what leav­ing, below:

Xbox Game Pass July 2021

July 8th

  • Drag­on Quest Builders 2 (cloud)
  • Trop­i­co 6 (con­sole, PC, cloud)
  • UFC 4 (con­sole)

July 15th

  • Blood­roots (con­sole, PC, cloud)
  • Farm­ing Sim­u­la­tor 2019 (con­sole, PC, cloud)
  • The Medi­um (cloud)

Leaving Xbox Game Pass 

July 14th

  • EA Sports UFC (con­sole)
  • EA Sports UFC 2 (con­sole)

July 15th

  • End­less Space 2 (PC)
  • Down­well (PC)
  • Cross­Code (con­sole, PC, cloud)

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