Xbox Game Pass Arriving For April 2022 — Includes MLB 22, Life Is Strange: True Colors, And More

Microsoft has announced the next set of addi­tions com­ing to Xbox Games Pass for the first half of April, and it’s quite a big month for the sub­scrip­tion service.

There are 10 games in total being brought to Game Pass this month, with MLB The Show 22, releas­ing today as a day-one brand-new release. Crick­et 22, anoth­er sports game form Big Ant Stu­dios, was also added today, April 5th.

Xbox Game Pass Arriving For April 2022 -- Includes MLB 22, Life Is Strange: True Colors, And More

Anoth­er well-known title arriv­ing to the ser­vice is Life is Strange: True Col­ors, which will be arriv­ing for both con­sole and cloud users. There are some oth­er decent games in the list, but they are all head­ing to the cloud.

Microsoft will like­ly release anoth­er list of games mid­way through the month, so this is–hopefully–just the begin­ning of a great month of games. The com­pa­ny also unveiled the next group of games leav­ing in the ear­ly half of April. Of course, a new month also means new Games with Gold titles–see the April 2022 line­up, here. You can check every­thing else out below:

Xbox Game Pass Titles — April 2022 First-Half

April 5th

  • MLB The Show 22 (con­sole, cloud)
  • Crick­et 22 (con­sole, cloud)

April 7th

  • Chi­na­town Detec­tive Agency (con­sole, PC, cloud)
  • Drag­on Age 2 (cloud)
  • Plants vs. Zom­bies: Gar­den War­fare (cloud)
  • Star Wars: Squadrons (cloud)

April 12th

  • Life is Strange: True Col­ors (con­sole, PC, cloud)
  • Panz­er Corps (PC)
  • The Dun­geon of Naheul­beuk (PC)

Games Leaving April 2022 (First-Half)

April 15th

  • MLB The Show 21 (con­sole, cloud)
  • Rain On Your Parade (con­sole, PC, cloud)
  • The Long Dark (con­sole, PC, cloud)
  • Path­way (PC

April 18th

  • F1 2019 (con­sole, cloud, PC)
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