Xbox Game Clips Can’t Be Shared To Twitter Directly From Consoles Any Longer

Xbox has con­firmed that shar­ing game clips direct­ly from Xbox con­soles and PCs (by the way of the Win­dows Game Bar) to Twit­ter has been dis­abled. This is like­ly due to Twit­ter’s lat­est API changes. Microsoft has­n’t offered a rea­son as to why this fea­ture was removed, but it comes down to a new Twit­ter pol­i­cy that charges com­pa­nies a start­ing fee of $42,000 per month for API access.

Microsoft is advis­ing users to access the Xbox mobile app to direct­ly share clips on Twit­ter from their accounts. The Xbox DVR sys­tem has been some­what pop­u­lar for shar­ing these clips online, and is rel­a­tive­ly sim­ple to use.

Of course, once the Xbox Series X|S con­soles were released along­side the upgrad­ed Xbox wire­less con­troller, it became even eas­i­er because of the ded­i­cat­ed cap­ture but­ton, which could be set up to cap­ture spe­cif­ic dura­tions of content.

Since Elon Musk pur­chased Twit­ter for $44 bil­lion in Octo­ber 2022, major changes haven tak­en affect at the social media plat­form so it could become prof­itable. Twit­ter’s mass lay­offs and numer­ous pol­i­cy adjust­ments result­ed in chaos across the gam­ing indus­try, with a notable exam­ple being World of War­craft los­ing its built-in Twit­ter support.

Musk has also pro­posed charg­ing devel­op­ers up to $100 a month for “API access with ID ver­i­fi­ca­tion” in an effort to stomp out “bot scam­mers” and “opin­ion manipulators.” 

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