Insom­ni­ac Games is lead­ing anoth­er Mar­vel super­hero game, and it’s a rather excit­ing one. Announced in a real­ly brief teas­er-trail­er dur­ing the PlaySta­tion Show­case, the next game with be Mar­vel’s Wolverine.

The short trail­er showed a bar that com­plete­ly trashed, with men scat­tered across all over the place. Then a man can be seen sit­ting on a stool at the bar, drink­ing. The cam­era then pans to an indi­vid­ual behind this sit­ting fel­low, who then pulls a knife. Short­ly after, the drink­ing man extends his adaman­tium claws while reach­ing for his drink.

Although noth­ing real­ly hap­pens in the trail­er, one can imag­ine what went on after­wards. PlaySta­tion did not give a soft release date for Mar­vel’s Wolverine.