Taco Bell is again team­ing up with a game con­sole to mar­ket, while late­ly it has been Playsta­tion prod­ucts used in Taco Bel­l’s pro­mo­tions this time you can win a Free Xbox One X. Win­ners Get 1 free Xbox One X, a free copy on Forza Motor­sports 7 and a free 3 month sub­scrip­tion to Xbox Game pass, Microsoft­’s Net­flix like sub­scrip­tion game service.

Enter­ing is pret­ty sim­ple, go to Taco Bell and order a $5 big box, text the code on the side of the box the num­ber pro­vid­ed and you’ll receive a response let­ting you know if you’ve won shorty after.

This is the first Xbox pro­mo­tion Taco Bell has had since 2001 when Microsoft and Taco Bell teamed up and gave away Xbox orig­i­nal consoles.

I love Taco Bell any­way, but this makes it sweeter.