Watch Dogs: Legion 4.5 Update Brings Legion Of The Dead Zombies Mode

A new update for Watch Dogs: Legion intro­duces a new mode for test­ing on PC before rolling out for the rest of the plat­forms. Title update 4.5 adds “Legions of the Dead,” a PvE rogue­like mode were your Lon­don cit­i­zens attempt to sur­vive against swaths of hos­tile zombies.

The Legion of the Dead is only avail­able on PC in Alpha phase as of right now, but here play­ers can try their luck in either solo or in co-op. Plan­ning and strat­e­gy is key to reach­ing an extrac­tion point. Since this is Watch Dogs: Legion, you’ll have the entire cit­i­zen­ry’s equip­ment and spe­cial­iza­tions to help you survive.

Along­side the new mode, all plat­forms will be get­ting a few oth­er addi­tions. A sec­ond Tac­ti­cal Op will let you strate­gize with your friends on how to gain access to a project relat­ed to Optik devices. There is also be a new 60 FPS Per­for­mance Mode options for next-gen con­soles, cross-gen play, a free down­load of Helen on June 15th, and anoth­er free rewards track.

Watch Dogs: Legion’s first tac­ti­cal op launched in March with the 3.25 update. An update in May added new char­ac­ters and renewed the sea­son pass. 

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