Watch Dogs 2 Getting Free Update + DLC ‘No Compromise’ Coming Soon

Ubisoft announced the lat­est news on Watch Dogs 2 on its blog, let­ting play­ers know about the upcom­ing free update which launch­es on April 17th and the DLC which drops a day lat­er. No Com­pro­mise won’t be com­ing to Xbox One or PC until May 18th and any­one who does­n’t have a sea­son pass can pur­chase this DLC separately.

No Com­pro­mise  

This is a series of new sto­ry mis­sions of Moscow’s Gam­bit Oper­a­tions that begins when Mar­cus hacks his way into an adult-film stu­dio to humil­i­ate the direc­tor of a Ded­Sec porn par­o­dy (this is not the only rea­son, more sin­is­ter things are afoot). 

You crash a rooftop par­ty and take con­trol of a secu­ri­ty cam­era inside a mul­ti-sto­ry porn palace (excit­ing). Then hop­ping between a maze of cam­eras to find the tar­get, “paus­ing only to watch actors fum­ble through BDSM scene rehearsals and argue about scripts.” Even­tu­al­ly, you come across “Pokey” (as you can imag­ine what he is used for) where you use this uncon­ven­tion­al cam­era for a short time.

Watch Dogs 2 Getting Free Update + DLC 'No Compromise' Coming Soon

You steal a large amount of Russ­ian mob­ster mon­ey from the stu­dio’s accounts and dol­ly around the place with full-size cam­eras, until you final­ly find the direc­tor — who loves to get spanked on-cam­era with a wood­en paddle. 

I Am The Law

Although every­thing seems fun and games at the begin­ning, things quick­ly turn seri­ous with a life-or-death strug­gle against the Russ­ian mob. Play­ers who have been itch­ing for more of Watch Dogs 2 races can now bat­tle the clock in 6 new sin­gle-play­er time tri­als. Paci­fistic types can neu­tral­ize foes non-lethal­ly with air shot­guns and sniper a sniper stun rifle, much like a longer ranged ver­sion of Mar­cus’ stun gun.

The new Emer­gency Ser­vices cus­tomiza­tion items, which enable Mar­cus to por­tray a cop, fire­fight­er, or para­medic, all com­plete with the appro­pri­ate vehi­cles avail­able through the Cars on Demand app. Each out­fit and vehi­cle comes with its own unique abil­i­ty. Cos­tumes for instance; if you are para­medic, Mar­cus can wake an uncon­scious per­son (even if he’s the one who beat them up), if you are a cop, Mar­cus can order peo­ple to walk away. The vehi­cles do things like allow you to use NetHack while driving.

Get Com­pet­i­tive

The free update will include a bunch of new item, includ­ing out­fits, a paint­ball rifle, and two new mul­ti­play­er match types: races and Show­down. Ubisoft added four-play­er ver­sions of drone, motocross, and eKart races which should instant­ly feel famil­iar to those who have spent time play­ing the sin­gle-play­er ver­sions. Every­one will have the same vehi­cle, so the field will be even­ly matched, with vic­to­ry com­ing down to skill, speed, and con­fi­dence. Also, you can vote on after each match on what race type and/or map you want to play next.

Watch Dogs 2 Getting Free Update + DLC 'No Compromise' Coming Soon


Show­down is a 2v2 bat­tle with no-rules and is intend­ed for expe­ri­enced play­ers only. It push­es you to use all your skills and cycles you through three dif­fer­ent match types at dif­fer­ent loca­tions on the map: Hack the Servers, on team has to defend the 3 ter­mi­nals while the tries to hack them; Steal the HDD, grab hard dri­ves that spawn in real­ly crap­py loca­tions, the first team to get 3 win­ning the match; and final­ly Doom­land, both teams com­pete to down­load data by get­ting as close as pos­si­ble to a node that is dif­fi­cult to defend, while attempt­ing to keep oppo­nents away. 

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