Warzone Players Are Going Invisible Again

Call of Duty’s Sea­son 4 Reloaded brought major weapon bal­anc­ing to War­zone in order to increase the time-to-kill, but it also brought more glitch­es. It also hap­pened to bring back the irri­tat­ing invis­i­bil­i­ty bug.

Some Red­dit users are report­ing and shar­ing clips of get­ting tak­en down by invis­i­ble ene­mies, and obvi­ous they have no way to defend them­selves. One exam­ple is from Red­dit user Nosaj­ness­B­TR, who’s clip clear­ly showed dam­age being tak­en from behind. A gate can be seen next to Nosaj, which they quick­ly duck behind and pre­pare to face the attack­er. How­ev­er, once they peek around the cor­ner to see who dam­aged them, no one is there. Nosaj takes a bit more dam­age before ulti­mate­ly decid­ing to flee, but gets killed by the invis­i­ble assailant. You can clear­ly see it on the killcam.

It’s unclear what is exact­ly caus­ing the issue, but some play­ers are post­ing YouTube videos of how to go invis­i­ble. This includes com­plex meth­ods of using equip­ment, dirt bikes, and of War­zone’s Red Doors. Although these mag­ic doors were sup­posed to be tele­port­ing play­ers, they seem to be used for a far more nefar­i­ous purpose.

Sea­son 4 Reloaded has­n’t been good to War­zone, as glitch­es popped up all over. One YouTu­ber recent­ly showed a gulag glitch that let spec­ta­tors para­chute down into gulag match­es.

The new pre-game Load­out fea­ture, which gave you extra time to adjust your class­es before drop­ping in, end­ed up being a com­plete fail­ure. The fea­ture only last­ed a day before Raven Soft­ware removed the option. One report was stat­ing that play­ers were gain­ing per­ma­nent Dead Silence, which should just be a tem­po­rary perk.

Hope­ful­ly Raven can get the invis­i­bil­i­ty glitch­es fig­ured out, but with the all the oth­er cheats and issues, who know if or when.

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