Call of Duty: War­zone can already be a frus­trat­ing place due to the count­less cheaters, but some play­ers are just tired of team­mates who quit match­es. War­zone duos, trios, or quads match­es with ran­doms can quick­ly become a solo expe­ri­ence. Play­ers are ask­ing devel­op­er Raven Soft­ware to add a penal­ty for those who quit mid-match.

War­zone play­er Bina­rycold’s Red­dit post about this frus­tra­tion with ran­doms quit­ting began quite a con­ver­sa­tion, as many oth­er play­ers left com­ments of sim­i­lar frus­tra­tions. When ran­doms get brought down dur­ing a match, they often don’t stick around long enough to give their team­mates a chance to bring them back.

War­zone’s stan­dard bat­tle royale mode has three dif­fer­ent ways for play­ers to rejoin the match. Play­ers can get back into the game by the Gulag, where “dead” play­ers face off in a 1v1 match to see who will earn the right to drop back in. Buy Sta­tions allow team­mates to revive fall­en team­mates for $4,500. Final­ly, a ran­dom War­zone event called Jail­break returns all spec­tat­ing play­ers to the match.

How­ev­er, a lot of squad­mates are far too impa­tient to wait for anoth­er oppor­tu­ni­ty to jump back in, as Bina­rycold says, “I mean these dudes are quit­ting before gulag, minute they die, boom! They’re out.”

Hope­ful­ly, Raven Soft­ware will see these com­plaints and take them into con­sid­er­a­tion. War­zone match­es could use a time-ban penal­ty for those who leave match­es ear­ly, sim­i­lar to the penal­ties in Black Ops Cold War’s com­pet­i­tive League Play mode. Tre­yarch penal­izes play­ers who quit match­es of League Play with 15-minute suspensions.

War­zone is going to get a new anti-cheat sys­tem when Call of Duty: Van­guard is inte­grat­ed lat­er this year. If no penal­ty arrives for quit­ters right now, penal­ties may show up in the future when the Van­guard map is put into place.