The pre­vi­ous­ly PlaySta­tion Vita exclu­sive Dan­gan­ron­pa Anoth­er Episode: Ultra Despair Girls will be com­ing to PlaySta­tion 4. Both retail and dig­i­tal copies will be avail­able on June 27. 

Unlike oth­er Dan­gan­ron­pa games, Ultra Despair Girls is a third per­son action adven­ture game. Play­ers will use a “hack­ing gun” to shoot ene­mies with “Truth Bul­lets”. There are eight dif­fer­ent kinds of Truth Bul­lets which all have dif­fer­ent effects on ene­mies. Some of the more nor­mal bul­lets like Break and Knock­back that do exact­ly what you think they might. Oth­er bul­lets are more inter­est­ing like Dance bul­lets or Link bul­lets which allows you to con­trol enemies. 

Play­ers will also con­trol Toko Fukawa who appeared in the first game. She uses a stun gun until she fills her bat­tery gauge. Once her gauge is full, play­ers can switch to Toko’s mur­der­ous split per­son­al­i­ty Jack. In this mode Toko will be immune to dam­age and will be able to per­form spe­cial moves once she builds up blood lust. Toko’s reg­u­lar per­son­al­i­ty will take over once the bat­tery gauge is deplet­ed over time.

For those curi­ous about the game’s sto­ry, Ultra Despair girl’s takes place between the first and sec­ond Dan­gan­ron­pa games. Komaru Nae­gi, sis­ter of the first game’s pro­tag­o­nist, dis­cov­ers a plot to kill every adult with Monoku­ma robots. When a mys­te­ri­ous stranger gives her a hack­ing gun, Komaru decides to con­front the mur­der­ous robots and sur­vive in a city full of despair.