Valheim’s Hearth And Home Update Finally Releases This September

Devel­op­er Iron Gate final­ly announced dur­ing Gamescom Open­ing Night Live that Val­heim’s Hearth & Home update will be launch­ing on Sep­tem­ber 16th. This is the first major update for Val­heim, and it adds a bit of new fea­tures and even reworks some sys­tems like health and stamina.

in cel­e­bra­tion of the launch date reveal, Iron gate debuted a new ani­mat­ed trail­er dur­ing Open­ing Night Live, which you can check out below:

Iron Gate pre­vi­ous­ly gave a sneak peek on the update, show­ing the big changes that would be com­ing to how food works. Cur­rent­ly, food allows for health and sta­mi­na to be restored when eat­en. The update will make most food items restore only one of these ele­ments. The food bar will be replaced with timers to give a more accu­rate indi­ca­tor of when you need to eat again.

Play­ers will now be able to pri­or­i­tize one of these stats, mak­ing either a sta­mi­na-focused build for com­bat (which allows for more attacks), or a health-focused style for more defen­sive. Block­ing pow­er will be based on max­i­mum health, so you’ll need to take that into account. 

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