Valheim Update Fixes Save Issues, AI Adjustments, And More

Val­heim play­ers now don’t have to wor­ry so much about log­ging out, since their char­ac­ter and/or world won’t be cor­rupt­ed any­more. Devel­op­er Iron Gate Stu­dio released a new update for PC which addressed some rather irri­tat­ing save issues.

Pre­vi­ous to this fix, CEO Richard Svens­son tweet­ed in Febru­ray 2021 of the “world-destroy­ing bug,” and he urged play­ers to back-up data in the appro­pri­ate Val­heim fold­er. Accord­ing to Svens­son, the bug hap­pened when play­ers exit­ed the game by press­ing ALT+F4, which caused entire char­ac­ters and worlds to be erased.

This has been resolved with this patch, and play­ers don’t have to divert to the round­about meth­ods to pre­serve save data–but it’s still recommended.

Of course the update also brought sev­er­al changes, includ­ing mon­ster AI adjust­ments and con­tain­ers you no longer have to click sev­er­al times to open. Grey­d­warfs also got bet­ter aim, so watch out. You can check out the full patch notes below.

Valheim Update 0.155.7 Patch Notes 

  • Ran­dom save bug-fix (Solves a very unusu­al case of world cor­rup­tion caused when shut­ting down).
  • Mon­ster AI tweaks (More aggres­sive­ly attack­ing struc­tures when unable to attack the play­er among oth­er things).
  • Open con­tain­er fix (Fix­es issue where you had to click a con­tain­er mul­ti­ple times to open it in multiplayer).
  • Taught Grey­d­warfs to throw better.
  • Event trig­ger tweaks (Wolf event only trig­gers after Bone­mass has been killed, Mod­er army can trig­ger in moun­tains etc.).
  • Long for­got­ten Blob event enabled.
  • SFX vol­ume set­ting fix (Used wrong DB conversion).
  • May­pole enabled (Hap­py midsummer!).
  • AI flee behav­ior tweaks (Boss­es don’t run from you anymore).

Iron Gate Stu­dio recent­ly delayed the upcom­ing Hearth and Home update, stat­ing issues “need­ed to be fixed urgent­ly,” over get­ting this update out. 

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