Valheim Patch Notes

Ear­ly access sen­sa­tion Val­heim is get­ting a bit hard­er. Today devel­op­er Iron Gate released a new patch that con­tains some major fix­es and some bal­anc­ing was done with the boss fights mak­ing them more dif­fi­cult because play­ers “are killing them too fast”. A major bug that caused saves/worlds to cor­rupt has been fixed. Val­heim also received Vulkan sup­port that play­ers can enable by using the ‑force-vulkan when they launch the game or by select­ing Vulkan via Steam’s pop up when you start the game. Ver­sion 0.146.8 isn’t huge but con­tains ser­val very much need­ed fix­es. Check out the full Val­heim patch notes below.

* Craft­ing item-dupe bug fix
* Har­pooned play­er & ship bug fix
* Fixed play­er rag­doll
* Bonemass,Moder,Yagluth dif­fi­cul­ty tweaks
* Mod­er music updat­ed
* Tomb­stone bug­fix (prob­a­bly wont fix dis­ap­pear­ing tomb­stones though)
* Fixed world cor­rup­tion caused by press­ing ALT+F4 while log­ging out.
* Death­s­qui­tos have slight­ly longer audio range
* Tweaked audio on blast-fur­nace & spin­ning wheel
* Shared map posi­tion set­ting is saved per world
* Updat­ed net­work stats (F2)
* Build­ing destruc­tion drop-fix
* Vulkan sup­port in win­dows builds
* Net­work dis­con­nec­tion bug­fix
* Updat­ed socket-backend

Valheim is available now for PC

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