Valheim Anniversary Post Includes Info On Upcoming Mountain Update And Steam Deck Support

On the one year anniver­sary since the ear­ly access launch of Val­heim, Iron Gate Stu­dios has released a new com­mu­ni­ty blog post that informs play­ers of what to expect from the next few updates.

First off, Iron Gate extend­ed the game’s Lunar New Year sale on Steam, but also grazed on the Moun­tain bio­me update. The stu­dio con­firmed it’s putting the fin­ish­ing touch­es on the update before its sched­uled release time­frame of “ear­ly 2022.”

The Moun­tain update was announced last year and will fea­ture new caves in the region and an under­ground tem­ple. Along­side the Moun­tain update, Iron Gate has been work­ing on Mistlands–another new bio­me that will include new resources, new ene­mies, a new boss, and more.

The phase of nail­ing down the core con­cept is done, and we know what kind of inhab­i­tants we want the bio­me to have,” the devel­op­er explained. “This means we’re now work­ing on a bunch of new build pieces and ene­mies, as well as defin­ing more of the new mechan­ics we will be intro­duc­ing (though we’d like to keep those secret for a while longer).”

Iron Gate also spoke about the upcom­ing release of the Steam Deck, stat­ing it would like Val­heim to run smooth­ly on the device once it launch­es, which it’s work­ing on right now.

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