Update for Xbox PUBG Rolled Out Today

A com­mu­ni­ty man­ag­er of PlayerUn­k­nown’s Bat­tle­grounds announced an update which released today on Xbox Game Pre­view. This patch brings qual­i­ty of life improve­ments in game­play, UI, and many fixes.

You can see the full list of fix­es and adjust­ments made, below:


  • Intro­duced mul­ti­ple pre-match start­ing loca­tions in order to opti­mize both serv­er and game client performance
  • Weapons are removed from the start­ing island pri­or to the match starting
  • Game DVR is now sup­port­ed for auto­mat­ic record­ing of game­play high­lights. This fea­ture must be enabled with­in the Options / Set­tings menu.
  • We con­tin­ue to lis­ten to your vehi­cle feed­back and have low­ered the dam­age tak­en from objects through­out the world such as rocks, trees, and uneven terrain
  • Adjust­ed the sound effects of both water and red-zone bombing
  • Par­ty match­mak­ing is now influ­enced by the player’s MMR
  • Adjust­ed long-range blood VFX back to the orig­i­nal colors


  • Improved vis­i­bil­i­ty of squad mem­ber col­ors (yel­low, orange, blue and green)
  • Play­ers can use the right thumb­stick to rotate their char­ac­ter mod­el dur­ing customization
  • When cus­tomiz­ing char­ac­ter appear­ance, the D‑Pad can be held to switch between menus
  • Pre­view is sup­port­ed when cus­tomiz­ing appear­ance or cre­at­ing a new char­ac­ter 


  • Updat­ed the design of the ener­gy drink

Bug Fix­es

  • Fixed water sound effects
  • Fixed Red Zone dis­ap­pear­ing imme­di­ate­ly after it starts
  • Fixed ran­dom char­ac­ter tele­por­ta­tion fol­low­ing ini­tial landing 
  • Fixed an issue where some doors could not be entered despite appear­ing open
  • Fixed issue of recov­ery and boost items being able to be used when underwater
  • Fixed the char­ac­ter ani­ma­tions when tran­si­tion­ing from jump-prone to standing
  • Fixed unex­pect­ed char­ac­ter death caused by falling while moving
  • Fixed areas of fenc­ing where spe­cif­ic sides could not be pen­e­trat­ed by bullets
  • Fixed build­ings with miss­ing stairs
  • Fixed bug which caused objects to float in the air
  • Fixed areas of ter­rain which were caus­ing play­er char­ac­ters to become stuck
  • Fixed an issue which pre­vent­ed team mem­bers being dis­played fol­low­ing accep­tance of an invite
  • Fixed the issue of revive being can­celled unintentionally
  • Fixed hand ani­ma­tions when reloading/shooting the Kar98 in a prone position
  • Fixed the issue lim­it­ing peak para­chut­ing speed in FPP mode
  • Fixed char­ac­ter ani­ma­tions when mov­ing from prone to enter­ing a vehicle

Opti­miza­tion / Stability

  • Opti­mized tex­tures, land­scapes and build­ings through­out the island to improve performance
  • Fixed a crash occur­ring when HDR was enabled
  • Fixed a frozen char­ac­ter issue when recon­nect­ing fol­low­ing a crash
  • Fixed a crash occur­ring when the play­er opened their inventory
  • Fixed a crash occur­ring when the spec­tat­ed play­er was using a scope


  • Applied new Russ­ian, Japan­ese and Chi­nese (simplified/traditional) fonts
  • Japan­ese only: Adjust­ed the Katakana font
  • Japan­ese only: Fixed incor­rect order of word­ing dur­ing object interactions
  • Por­tuguese only: Fixed the dis­play of height meter when parachuting

Known Issues

  • B but­ton incor­rect­ly dis­played to cut para­chute cable; this should be X
  • When view­ing the map, the X, Y, and B but­tons are ful­ly func­tion­al – please be aware that this can cause you to exit the plane or vehi­cle whilst in motion. Please only use the map but­ton to return to game­play until this is resolved.

Source: Play Bat­tle­grounds Forums

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