Update 1.06 For Call Of Duty WWII Now Live On PS4 and Xbox One

Call Of Duty WWII has had a very rocky launch. Plagued with glitch­es, lag, cheat­ing play­ers, unbal­anced weapons, unbal­anced perks and con­stant black screen­ing when chang­ing lob­bies while in a par­ty. Today devel­op­er Sledge­ham­mer Games has released a patch aim­ing to fix some of those prob­lems. Weigh­ing in at 388.9MB on PS4 and 834.93MB on Xbox One, this new patch is a avail­able to down­load now.

The first thing play­ers will notice is Head­quaters is pop­u­lat­ed with oth­er play­ers again allow­ing users to 1V1 oth­er play­ers and gain social score via open­ing sup­ply drops and com­mend­ing oth­er play­ers. Pop­u­lar basic train­ing Primed has been nerfed by a whop­ping 85% and the ever pop­u­lar Brown­ing Auto­mat­ic Rifle has had its recoil increased. Play­ers who cheat­ed and exploit­ed glitch­es to pres­tige have been banned. If that upsets you then you are most like­ly one of those cheaters that should be banned, in my opin­ion banned per­ma­nent­ly (We take video and report EVERY cheater we see, you are all scum). Check out the full patch notes below.


  • XB1 and PS4 crash fixes
  • Server/connectivity improve­ments
  • Fixed an issue pre­vent­ing users from enter­ing local play match if boot­ing game with­out inter­net connection
  • Fixed an issue of play­ers being kicked to ghost lob­by then start screen with “Lost con­nec­tion to host” mes­sage after Pub­lic matches
  • Fixed an issue of show­ing black screen when host leaves match
  • Fixed an issue where play­ers who are not the host see black and screen and no AAR between matches
  • Gen­er­al Leader­board fix­es and improvements
  • Fixed an issue of 2XP not being grant­ed when indi­cat­ed, some­times grant­ed 3XP
  • Fixed HQ pro­gres­sion exploits
  • Fixed an issue pre­vent­ing Score­streak Train­ing from func­tion­ing due to Cus­tom Match set­tings applied prior
  • Fixed an issue user from back­ing out into HQ if user accepts an invite to a lob­by while in Score­streak Training
  • Fixed map exploits on Pointe du Hoc, USS Texas, Lon­don Docks, and Flak Tower
  • Fixed an issue allow­ing “snaking” exploits
  • Fixed one-way smoke screen issue
  • Para­troop­ers in HC modes now have HC health, not nor­mal health
  • Fixed the issue of grant­i­ng free Flamethrow­er with par­tial fuel if anoth­er Flamethrow­er is equipped already
  • Fixed S&D issue where play­ers are stuck when plant­i­ng the Bomb after toss­ing a Molotov
  • Fixed an issue when par­ty leader changes game mode, mem­bers are tak­en to a ghost lobby
  • Fixed an issue where when par­ty leader leaves lob­by before user loads out of match, users enter a ghost lobby
  • Fixed an issue where if par­ty leader leaves in mid­dle of match with­out bring­ing the rest of the par­ty, shows that par­ty leader is still there
  • Gen­er­al par­ty improve­ments, includ­ing crash fix­es, con­nec­tiv­i­ty fix­es, and access to HQ after a match
  • Fixed fir­ing range issue caus­ing con­tin­u­ous emoting
  • Fixed not allow­ing play­ers who have Pres­tiged to accept, com­plete, or turn in Orders and Contracts
  • Fixed an issue not reward­ing com­plet­ed Mas­tery Challenges
  • Fixed an issue not track­ing Divi­sion Skill Chal­lenge pro­gres­sion in War Mode matches
  • Fixed Week­ly Order issue not reg­is­ter­ing Hill Tak­er win
  • Fixed Dai­ly Order Breath­ing Fire issue not track­ing progress
  • Fixed an issue not prop­er­ly track­ing Panz­er­schreck Chal­lenge, pre­vent­ing play­ers from receiv­ing snow camo unlock
  • Fixed Zom­bies issue pre­vent­ing play­ers from earn­ing sup­ply drops
  • Var­i­ous MP and Zom­bies splitscreen improvements
  • Cin­e­mat­ics res­o­lu­tion fix­es on enhanced consoles
  • Fixed an issue push­ing update to stats before AAR has been dis­played (no more lost/unviewed stats)
  • Fixed an issue show­ing incor­rect leader­board data
  • Fixed an issue where chang­ing character’s face and equip­ping Divi­sion uni­form dis­plays pre­vi­ous char­ac­ter face and kicks play­er out of the menu
  • Fixed an issue caus­ing Head­quar­ters death, weapon, and divi­sion stats to be logged in the Com­bat Record
  • Var­i­ous UI improve­ments (Includes Order/Challenge com­ple­tion instructions)


  • BAR nerfed to add more recoil
  • Ret­i­cle unlock fix for STG-44 reflex sight
  • Cus­tom ret­i­cle fix­es for scopes of Kar98K and Lee Enfield


  • Primed Basic Train­ing nerf


  • Fixed delayed start of Game­Bat­tles matches
  • Increased Game­Bat­tles Hard­point time lim­it from 5 min to 10 min
  • Oth­er gen­er­al Game­Bat­tles improvements


  • Fixed Cam­paign issue caus­ing user to lose pro­gres­sion and re-lock mis­sions when select­ing New Game in the menu

Hope­ful­ly this patch actu­al­ly resolves these issues, cheaters and the con­stant black screen­ing between lob­bies is mak­ing the game almost unplayable.

TheLegendOfTaco is a guy who plays games and streams them, He also writes about them. He has been known to make his grandma laugh. Avid Computer Geek and Lesbian. He has a soft touch and is a gentle lover. Follow Us On Twitter @FixTheMeta

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