Upcoming Hearthstone Update Changes Ranked Play & Two Cards

Yes­ter­day, Bliz­zard announced via a blog post, some Ranked Play changes com­ing to Hearth­stone. Play­ers will also be see­ing the nerf of two cards in this future update, which is com­ing “near the end of February.” 

Ranked Play Changes

Ranked Play has been mod­i­fied a bit, so now play­ers who have hit Rank 5, 10, or 15 can no longer de-rank once the rank has been achieved in the sea­son. Sim­i­lar to the exist­ing floor at Rank 20 and Leg­end. They are hop­ing this “pro­motes addi­tion­al deck exper­i­men­ta­tion between ranks, and that any loss­es that may occur feel less pun­ish­ing.” They want you to feel like you have accom­plished a milestone.

Update 7.1 Bal­ance Changes 

The fol­low­ing two cards have had changes made to them in this update:

Small-Time Buc­ca­neer

The team felt, “The com­bi­na­tion of Small Time Buc­ca­neer and Patch­es the Pirate has been show­ing up too often in the meta.” So to fix the issue, they reduced Buc­ca­neer’s health from 2 to 1, “to make it eas­i­er for addi­tion­al class­es to remove from the board.” This is in hopes to see more diver­si­ty in the over­all meta.

Spir­it Claws

This cards abil­i­ty to remove min­ions at such a low Mana cost is ridicu­lous. So ridicu­lous they increased its Mana cost from 1 to 2. “Increas­ing its mana by one will slow down Spir­it Claws’ abil­i­ty to curve out as effi­cient­ly.” We’ll see how well that works. 

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