Upcoming Cyberpunk 2077 Update Will Let Players Reset Perks With Cash

CD Pro­jekt Red has pushed out plen­ty of updates since Cyber­punk 2077’s bumpy start, brin­ing the game to a decent point so far. Many hot­fix­es and major updates have over­all increased the game’s per­for­mance ad giv­en play­ers a bet­ter expe­ri­ence. Cyber­punk 2077’s next update isn’t as dras­tic as a change as pre­vi­ous updates, but it does have one key addition.

In a Patch 1.3 Devel­op­ment Insight post, CD Pro­jekt Red showed off how play­ers will soon be able to reset perks with Eddies instead of a shard. A video embed­ded in the post shows that play­ers will also now have the option to reset their perks in the attrib­ut­es menu. It was­n’t made clear if reset­ting these perks would be a fixed rate or would increase for how many perks play­ers reset. 

Usu­al­ly, play­ers would have to go to a Rip­per­doc and pur­chase a leg­endary Tab­u­laa E‑Rasa shard for 100,000 Eddies to be able to reset their perks. 

Oth­er sub­tle changes were also shown in the post. One is a sim­ple change to the mini-map, mak­ing trav­el­ing in a vehi­cle eas­i­er. When play­ers now get into a car, the game’s mini-map will zoom out, giv­ing them a clear­er view of the sur­round­ing area. Anoth­er small adjust­ment sim­ply makes it clear­er to choose between Angel or Skye in the Auto­mat­ic Love Mission.

No release date for the update was given.

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