Upcoming Ark Dino TLC Patch Coming Mid February

Stu­dio Wild­card has been talk­ing about doing a “Dino TLC” pass for a while now. Some of the orig­i­nal ani­mals present in Ark are def­i­nite­ly show­ing signs of age with their cur­rent mod­els and abil­i­ties. In a recent blog post Stu­dio Wild­card out­lined Dino TLC pass phase 1 & 2 with phase one hit­ting PC mid Feb­ru­ary and phase 2 com­ing later.

Phase 1 — Mid February

Upcoming Ark Dino TLC Patch Coming Mid February

Dino TLC — The Procoptodon!

- Receives a mod­el update, ani­ma­tion update, sound pass, and some new abilities:
— Will take reduced fall damage
— Car­ry weight will be notice­ably increased
— Can car­ry small crea­tures and baby dinos in its pouch
— A knock­back kick which can affect sig­nif­i­cant­ly larg­er dinos
— Added an aimed jump which can be used by hold­ing down the Jump key
— Car­ried char­ac­ters in a pouch have reduced food con­sump­tion rate when car­ried by Mate-Boost­ed Female Procoptodons.
— Babies imprint­ed while in a car­ried Pro­coptodon pouch receive more affinity

Upcoming Ark Dino TLC Patch Coming Mid February

Dino TLC — The Gigan­to­p­ithe­cus A.K.A Bigfoot!

- Receives a mod­el update, ani­ma­tion update, new fur, sound pass and some new abilities:
— The Big­foot will receive an armour-degrad­ing attack; this means when it fights, it’ll do more dam­age to your armour’s dura­bil­i­ty. It is impor­tant to note that the armour-degrad­ing attack will not affect the Yeti crea­tures found in the game.
— Added the capa­bil­i­ty to climb ziplines (but not jump between them)
— Added a jump
— It can now car­ry and throw small creatures
— Throw­ing has been made more accu­rate, sim­i­lar­ly to crabs with tar­get­ting cursor

Upcoming Ark Dino TLC Patch Coming Mid February

Dino TLC — The Direbear!

- Receives a mod­el update, ani­ma­tion update, new fur and some new abilities:
— When rid­ing a Dire­bear, play­ers will be immune to bees. They won’t be able to knock you off your bear, and they will tar­get focus the bear instead of the player.
— The Dire­bear will also be able to har­vest hon­ey from wild bee­hives with­out attract­ing bees or hurt­ing the hive. Plus the amount of hon­ey it receives will be 2x the stan­dard amount.

Upcoming Ark Dino TLC Patch Coming Mid February

Dino TLC — The Direwolf!

- Receives a mod­el update, ani­ma­tion update, new fur and some new abilities:
— Howl now acti­vates a pack buff for 5 min­utes (with a minute cooldown). When the Alpha howls, the pack also howls. The pack buff strength­ens the Alpha, as well as its pack (reduced amount vs Alpha)
— Hunter’s Instinct pas­sive buff which will allow it to sniff out people/creatures with less than 50% health
— Sniff ter­tiary abil­i­ty to indi­cate near­by explor­er notes, or to detect buried/stealth creatures

Upcoming Ark Dino TLC Patch Coming Mid February

Dino TLC — The Rex!

- Receives a mod­el update, ani­ma­tion update,  and some new abilities:
— Its roar should receive a CD and make non-allies (under a cer­tain drag­weight) poop to act as a small stun/interrupt. There will be a cooldown on vic­tims so that they can­not be pooplocked continuously.
— The roar will not be able to scare any­thing above its level
— Roar will cause play­ers to poop but not stun them
— Rex’s abil­i­ty to climb over small rocks and steep­er slopes have been improved.

Crea­ture Spe­cif­ic Bug Fix­es & Bal­ance Balance

- Drag­on’s Fire Breath direct impact dam­age reduced by 50%
— Fixed a bug which caused Rock Drake and Wyvern eggs to sink below their nests over time.
— Added Rock Golem Sad­dles to Scorched Earth Loot Table
— Added Basilisk and Rock Drake Sad­dles to Aber­ra­tion Loot Table
— Uploaded Crea­ture stats now dis­play Move­ment Speed and Melee Damage
— Fixed a case where cer­tain crea­tures would get stuck under the map/inside the map when col­lid­ing with larg­er crea­tures (most notice­ably seen the Rock Drake and Basilisk)
— Fixed an issue which was caus­ing a desync with the Reaper’s collision
— No longer need pheromone to claim Reaper Kings
— Moschops will no longer flee when told to har­vest dino corpses
— Fixed a bug where some crea­tures would not be able to attack at low serv­er FPS
— Bron­to’s and Parac­er’s breed­ing time have increased by 50% (equiv­a­lent to Quetz)
— Reduced Bron­to HP gain per lev­el by 33%
— Reduced Bron­to base HP by 10%
— Reduced Paracaratheri­um base HP by 10%
— Reduced Parac­er HP gain per lev­el by 25%
— Reduced Tuso Base HP by 20%
— Reduced Tuso HP gain per lev­el by 25%
— Reduced Dunky resis­tance to bul­lets to 40%
— Reduced Dunky oth­er resis­tances to 60%
— Stego Plate Resis­tant reduced to 30%
TEK Tape­jara no longer inflicts raid dam­age (how you inflict tor­por on titan, krab, and golem)
AI Option for Dinos to only attack con­scious tar­gets added to Titanboa
— Skit­tish Stance added to tamed dinos


- Cre­ative Mode building
— Serv­er option to dis­able fog
ARK will now scan your steam achieve­ments and update your local pro­file accord­ing­ly to restore any lost skins/hairstyles.
— Add mes­sages to tribe logs with infor­ma­tion about upload­ing and down­load­ing creatures
— Made a respawn­ing play­er not tar­get­table by Wild AI
— Option to hide learned engrams
— Play­ers can now direct­ly go from Pron­ing to Crouch­ing position
— Ambi­ent Sounds have their own vol­ume slider
— Right Click Con­text option added to fold­ers to equip every­thing insid­er, allow­ing for rapid gear switching
— Cre­at­ed a “Use Last PIN Code” so play­ers can quick­ly access secured structures
— Silencer now hides the name of the play­er who has killed you from the kill mes­sage and tribe log
— Serv­er Option to make Sup­ply Crates ran­dom (?RandomSupplyCratePoints=true)
— Option to enable NVIDIA Ansel on Servers (-Server­Al­lowAnsel)
— Pre­vent­ed spe­cif­ic graph­i­cal flags from being invit­ed via .ini files
— AxisMap­ping is now tak­en into account when underwater
— Cooldown added to tribe’s chang­ing their name
— 5 Sec­ond char­ac­ter and base immu­ni­ty added to ORP servers when first log­ging in
— Fixed a col­li­sion issue affect­ing some dino gates that allowed unin­tend­ed entry
— Fixed mul­ti­ple unin­tend­ed mechan­ics (will explain in a bit more detail after the update drops ;))
— Fixed an issue where the Tek Tele­porter built on pillars/ceilings would push play­ers and crea­tures beneath it.
— Fixed a crash caused by using Forc­eTame when rid­ing a Dino
— Improved Red Crys­tal col­li­sion so they can be har­vest­ed more effi­cient­ly by Anky
— Cor­rect­ed the Aquat­ic Mush­room description
— Removed col­li­sion from glow­sticks which would cause move­ment prob­lems with cer­tain creatures
— Fixed mul­ti­ple client/server crashes
— Fixed an issue where some zip line anchors were out­side of repli­ca­tion range, pre­vent­ing them from being used.
— Fixed a case which would allow play­ers mount­ed on cer­tain crea­tures to throw/place C4 a lot fur­ther (e.g. Stego)
— Cor­rect­ed an incor­rect icon with the Seek­er Dossier
— Fixed a case where tele­port­ing out­side of a large base with the TEK Tele­porter would show foliage that was harvested
— Fixed mul­ti­ple map issues (holes and collision)
— Fixed a case where some foliage would not repli­cate appro­pri­ate­ly on Aber­ra­tion — Tur­rets now respect ene­my foun­da­tion place­ment rules, and there is a 30-sec­ond spin-up time when being pow­ered by a battery.

Phase 2 ‑TBA

Upcoming Ark Dino TLC Patch Coming Mid February

The Argen­tavis

The Argen­tavis has long since been a favourite fly­er to many. With its high health, weight, and sta­mi­na it’s an essen­tial air mount that now will be get­ting a bit more love. The Dino TLC will grant the Argent a new sad­dle that will receive reduced weight capa­bil­i­ties on obsid­i­an and var­i­ous oth­er mate­ri­als, and the abil­i­ty to craft smithy items with­in the saddle. 

The Argent will now be able to car­ry two addi­tion­al pas­sen­gers, one with its claws and one in its beak. The Argent will be car­ry­ing heav­ier than cur­rent crea­tures in its talons, while its beak will be able to sup­port the weight of small­er creatures.

Last­ly, upon con­sum­ing a corpse the Argent will receive rapid health regen­er­a­tion, mak­ing this vul­ture a for­mi­da­ble aer­i­al tank!

Upcoming Ark Dino TLC Patch Coming Mid February

The Spin­osaur

The quadruped stance of the Spin­osaur has been a hot­ly debat­ed since it first joined and ever since. Those for the stance enjoyed its dog-like run while those against felt like it was not true to the real-world ver­sion of the dino. With the TLC pass, the Spin­osaur will now be able to oper­ate in both a bipedal and a quadruped stance. When on two legs the Spino will move slow­er but be able to bite and use its claws to do increased dam­age, while on four legs it will be able to move faster.

Due to its affin­i­ty to water, the Spino will receive a buff which applies a bonus to move­ment speed, turn­ing radius, attack dam­age, and health regen when fight­ing in water, and will last for some time after exit­ing the water. It will also pre­fer prime fish for tam­ing (over prime meat) and have an increased chance of gath­er­ing prime fish meat.

Phase 1 is com­ing in a few weeks and Phase 2 is still a lit­tle way out as Stu­dio Wild­card fin­ish­es up phase 1 and it’s accom­pa­ny­ing patch.

Ark Sur­vival Evolved is avail­able now on Playsta­tion 4, Xbox One and the PC

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