Although Titan­fall 2 might have seen a slight resur­gence this year thanks to a steep dis­count on Steam, anoth­er entry for the series is not on the way. Respawn’s com­mu­ni­ty coor­di­na­tor, Jason Garza, pro­vid­ed infor­ma­tion about Titan­fall at the end of livestream (as spot­ted by Dex­er­to). Unfor­tu­nate­ly, he crushed the hopes of fans for a new Titan­fall releas­ing any­time soon, stat­ing, “There’s noth­ing. There’s noth­ing there.” The video is now set to private.

Garza went on to add that “We’ve got too many oth­er games in the works right now.” These include the next Star Wars: Jedi title, as well as the bat­tle royale, Apex Leg­ends. Their free-to-play game con­sis­tent­ly needs updates, and is also fac­ing oth­er issues with, most­ly com­ing from their servers. 

Respawn has­n’t aban­doned Titan­fall, so there is still hope. One view­er com­ment­ed they were giv­ing up on games being fixed. Graza explained that Respawn is “still work­ing on the cur­rent sit­u­a­tion, but as always, can’t real­ly tele­graph those moves pub­licly.” The sit­u­a­tion being referred too is the ongo­ing DDOS attack that has left Titan­fall 1 and 2 unplayable on PC. The attack is alleged­ly com­ing from a group of hack­ers look­ing to raise aware­ness for Titan­fal­l’s mul­ti­play­er. Cur­rent­ly, the Titan­fall games only have one or two devel­op­ers work­ing on them.