Dia­blo II: Res­ur­rect­ed’s full game release is just a few weeks away, and Bliz­zard is giv­ing addi­tion­al insight into cer­tain fea­tures, includ­ing 21:9 ultra­w­ide mon­i­tor support.

While the game will be playable on an ultra­w­ide mon­i­tor, it won’t sup­port the full 21:9 aspect ratio. It will only be extend­ing to 19:9 Sup­port for 21:9 was includ­ed in the game’s alpha test, but was reduced to 19:9 in the beta, leav­ing many won­der­ing what the deal was.

Well, the lim­i­ta­tion is strict­ly to keep the game as fair as pos­si­ble. Play­ing at that par­tic­u­lar ultra­w­ide aspect ration lit­er­al­ly breaks the game, allow­ing play­ers to attack from fur­ther ranges than the game was designed for. Ene­mies who are tar­get­ed from these extend­ed ranges pro­vid­ed by this ration can’t reg­is­ter their being attacked, result­ing in them just sit­ting inactive.

To pro­tect the integri­ty of everyone’s expe­ri­ence and pro­mote an equal play­ing field for all, those with ultra­w­ide mon­i­tors will be able to have their game screen purview extend­ed to 19:9 (the max­i­mum length of the in-game lim­i­ta­tion zones) with a vignette on the sides of the game screen,” Bliz­zard wrote in an offi­cial forum post. “We rec­og­nize that play­ers have spent a lot of mon­ey to assem­ble their 21:9 hard­ware setups and see­ing black bars may be frus­trat­ing for their expe­ri­ence. So, we’ll con­tin­ue to watch these dis­cus­sions and explore pos­si­ble solu­tions that don’t change how the game is played.”

Bliz­zard also jus­ti­fied its rea­son­ing for remov­ing TCP/IP sup­port, say­ing it enabled “sig­nif­i­cant secu­ri­ty-relat­ed issues.”

We’re aware that remov­ing this fea­ture adds a large hur­dle for tal­ent­ed mul­ti­play­er mod­ders in our com­mu­ni­ty,” Bliz­zard wrote. “Still, our pri­or­i­ty is to keep this game’s ecosys­tem as secure as pos­si­ble for all of our players.”

Addi­tion­al adjust­ments will be made to con­sole lob­bies in the full ver­sion of Dia­blo II: Res­ur­rect­ed, allow­ing play­ers to more eas­i­ly group with oth­ers based on activ­i­ties. How­ev­er, despite the requests, Bliz­zards says the con­sole ver­sions of the game won’t include the abil­i­ty to cre­ate cus­tom lob­bies, though the will “mon­i­tor feed­back on this top­ic” after the game launches.