Ubisoft Has A New Battle Royale Game — Ghost Recon Frontline

Ubisoft has announced Ghost Recon Front­line, a new entry for its tac­ti­cal shoot­er fran­chise that brings it out of its usu­al third per­son game­play. Ubisoft Bucharest is in charge of devel­op­ing Front­line, and it’s described as a large-scale PvP shoot­er that shares the tac­ti­cal traits of the game’s in the series before it.

The stan­dard mode in Front­line, Expe­di­tion, has 100 play­ers going against each oth­er in small teams that con­sist of three-per­son squads. The objec­tive is to find intel and extract it–of course the oth­er teams are try­ing to accom­plish the same goal. The game takes place on the island of Drake­moor, a 4x4 km sized island that fea­tures four dis­tinct bio­mes and 20 landmarks.

Accord­ing to Ubisoft, a key part of the expe­ri­ence is putting togeth­er a devel­op­ing your team of Con­trac­tors (the sol­diers in Front­line). Play­ers start with two Con­trac­tors, but can hire new ones, cus­tomize them, and change their capa­bil­i­ties. Con­trac­tors are based on class­es and three have been con­firmed so far.

Class­es are spe­cial­ized to fill spe­cif­ic roles, and Ubisoft is hop­ing this will show off the clas­sic tac­ti­cal design that typ­i­cal­ly comes with Ghost Recon. The assault class is a close-range fight­er, the scout is long-range and can take down ene­mies at a dis­tance. They also boost the team’s econ­o­my so they can make more sup­port items at a quick­er rate. Sup­port allows play­ers to for­ti­fy positions.

What dis­tin­guish­es Front­line from oth­er bat­tle royale titles is the abil­i­ty to change the bat­tle­field. Play­ers can earn and deploy equip­ment, gad­gets, and weapons. Items like tur­rets, cov­er and sniper tow­ers can also be dropped onto the map. 

Front­line will include oth­er game modes, includ­ing one that’s geared more towards a casu­al style of play that feels like a clas­sic are­na-style shoot­er, but with all the above men­tioned Front­line game­play. Ubisoft said they plan to release more modes, but as a sea­son­al addition.

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