Ubisoft has four con­firmed games set to release before the end of the next finan­cial year, and a fifth one that’s yet to be announced. In the com­pa­ny’s lat­est earn­ings report they teased anoth­er title, and there are few options for what it could be.

The next year is look­ing good for Ubisoft, with big titles like Assas­s­in’s Creed Val­hal­la, Watch Dogs: Legion, Rain­bow Six Quar­an­tine and Gods and Mon­sters. Ubisoft gave a state­ment regard­ing the mys­tery title, say­ing they have “one oth­er unan­nounced AAA title com­ing form our biggest franchise.”

The biggest ques­tion to ask is — could it be Splin­ter Cell? It’s unlike­ly, but Sam Fish­er and his infa­mous out­fit have been imple­ment­ed into sev­er­al Ubisoft titles this gen­er­a­tion. These addi­tions could be a pre­cur­sor to the next Splin­ter Cell.

It could also be anoth­er Far Cry, espe­cial­ly con­sid­er­ing the last one was released a few years ago. It’s also unlike­ly to be anoth­er sequel to The Crew, Dri­ver or Prince of Per­sia. Noth­ing in the report men­tioned wether or not Ubisoft would be releas­ing more games on the Nin­ten­do Switch with­in the next year.

Ubisoft also revealed their top earn­ing titles with this report, all of which sold over 10 mil­lion copies.