Ubisoft is Giving Away Watch Dogs for Free — PC Only

Ubisoft tweet­ed they will be giv­ing out copies of Watch Dog 2’s pre­de­ces­sor for free, though it’s for PC only.

It will be avail­able for pre­load Novem­ber 7th, through Novem­ber 13th, but with almost every­thing in life, there is a catch. If you haven’t already signed up for Ubisoft­’s Uplay ser­vice, then get ready to, because that’s the only way to receive Watch Dogs.

Ubisoft is Giving Away Watch Dogs for Free - PC Only

Uplay ser­vices are not use­less, but can net you some in-game unlock­ables like skins, sound­tracks, and emblems. Of course this is only after com­plet­ing achieve­ments in Ubisoft games and rack­ing up enough cur­ren­cy to buy what­ev­er unlock­able you’re after.

Watch Dogs is not a par­tic­u­lar­ly old game, launch­ing back in 2014. It is set in fic­tion­al­ized ver­sion of Chica­go and play­ers are allowed to com­plete­ly free roam the city. The sto­ry fol­lows hack­er Aiden Pearce, who is seek­ing revenge after the death of his niece.

Source: Ubisoft 

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