Ubisoft CEO Apologizes For Email Sent To Employees Amid Company Struggles

Ubisoft, one of the biggest video game pub­lish­ers in the mar­ket, has been through a num­ber of high­ly-pub­li­cized issues with­in recent weeks, espe­cial­ly after the release of some dis­ap­point­ing finan­cial results. Now, the com­pa­ny’s CEO has issued an apol­o­gy for an inter­nal email that was sent to all employ­ees that had some ques­tion­able tone and phras­ing with­in it.

Accord­ing to the email (Kotaku), CEO Yves Guille­mot told employ­ees that “the ball is in your court,” which is wide­ly seen as man­age­ment step­ping away from respon­si­bil­i­ty. Ubisoft Paris employ­ees announced they are plan­ning a strike in response to these com­ments. In a recent meet­ing, an employ­ee sent the fol­low­ing ques­tion to man­age­ment staff: “The ball is now in our court—for years it has been in your court so why did you mis­han­dle the ball so bad­ly so we, the work­ers, have to fix it for you?”

This ques­tion is was prompt­ed Guille­mot’s apol­o­gy. At this meet­ing, he stat­ed, “I heard your feed­back and I’m sor­ry this was per­ceived that way.” He fur­ther added that he want­ed to con­vey the “tal­ent and ener­gy” of the com­pa­ny’s staff, refer­ring to its pro­duc­tion process as a “col­lec­tive jour­ney.” Sev­er­al sources told Kotaku the apol­o­gy failed to ease their con­cerns about where the com­pa­ny is head­ing, with the meet­ing being “light on specifics.”

Despite Ubisoft being one of the most well-known video game pub­lish­ers, it’s strug­gled in recent months. They’ve had to can­cel three unnamed games and delay Skull and Bones again, as well as stat­ing Mario + Rab­bids: Sparks of Hope did­n’t per­form well enough.

Back in 2022, Ubisoft also can­celed four oth­er titles, includ­ing Ghost Recon: Front­line and Splin­ter Cell VR, as well as delay­ing Avatar: Fron­tiers of Pan­do­ra.

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