PlaySta­tion Plus sub­scribes can now claim the first two of three games for the month of Novem­ber. It looks to be one of the bet­ter months for the ser­vice, giv­ing away two decent games, and even a game for the PS5 on its launch day. 

The two games that can be picked up right now are Hol­low Knight: Void­heart and Mid­dle-earth: Shad­ow of War. Both are rel­a­tive­ly good, but the one game PlaySta­tion users are like­ly the most excit­ed for is Bugsnax. Yes, Bugsnax. That quirky, unusu­al game that trans­forms your char­ac­ter based on what you eat. Peo­ple have been tak­ing about this odd­ball title since it was revealed dur­ing the summer.

Although Bugsnax will be avail­able for both the PS5 and the PS4, only the PS5 ver­sion will be avail­able for free through PS Plus. There is also a longer claim peri­od for Bugsnax, like­ly due to peo­ple not being able to get their hands on a PS5 on launch day (or a few months after­wards). The game will be avail­able through PS Plus on Novem­ber 12th through Jan­u­ary 4th.

Hollow Knight: Voidheart Edition — Nov. 3 — 30

Middle-earth: Shadow of War — Nov. 3 — 30