Two Police Officers Were Fired For Playing Pokémon Go Instead Of Going To A Robbery

A pair of Los Ange­les police offi­cers have been fired because they decid­ed to ignore a rob­bery in progress to catch a Snor­lax in Poké­mon Go, as report­ed by Vice.

Court doc­u­ments that were post­ed last Fri­day detailed their appeal to have the city’s deci­sion of ter­mi­nat­ed employ­ment reversed. For­mer offi­cers Louis Lozano and Eric Mitchell were found guilt on mul­ti­ple counts of mis­con­duct, with the evi­dence being cap­tured from their dig­i­tal in-car video sys­tem (DICVS).

The record­ing showed the for­mer offi­cers “will­ful­ly abdi­cat­ing their duty to assist a com­mand­ing offi­cer’s response to a rob­bery in progress and play­ing a Poke­mon mobile phone game while on duty.” They are appeal­ing based on that the “City pro­ceed­ed in a man­ner con­trary to the law by using the DICVS record­ing in their dis­ci­pli­nary pro­ceed­ing and by deny­ing them the pro­tec­tions of the Pub­lic Safe­ty Offi­cers Pro­ce­dur­al Bill of Rights Act.” As one would expect, they lost the appeal.

The inci­dent ini­tial­ly took place in April 2017, at the Los Ange­les Cren­shaw Mall at a Macy’s. Court records state a patrol super­vi­sor called Lozano and Mitchell to respond to the rob­bery. A Cap­tain even claimed to have seen their vehi­cle near­by, but assumed they were from anoth­er unit when they did­n’t respond.

How­ev­er, it was dis­cov­ered through the DICVS record­ing they had actu­al­ly dis­cussed the call, mak­ing the deci­sion to ignore it after and go after a Snor­lax in Poké­mon Go. Lozano and Mitchell made no attempt to make con­tact about the rob­bery. Court records also showed that on their way to the Snor­lax, a Togetic popped up in the game. Lozano and Mitchell were report­ed to have also lied about whether they were actu­al­ly play­ing the game or not, while also claim­ing Poké­mon Go isn’t a game but more a “social media event.” Both end­ed up admit­ting they did leave the area because they were “chas­ing this myth­i­cal creature.”

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