Microsoft announced two new con­troller col­ors for the Xbox One today. They are not cur­rent­ly avail­able, but accord­ing to their web­site, they should be ready to pur­chase on Feb­ru­ary 7th.

First up is the gra­di­ent shad­ed black ‑to- blue one, which has been named Ocean Shad­ow. It is more blueish- green, sport­ing amaz­ing styl­ish black but­tons and trig­gers. Below are pho­tos of both con­trollers, with a small gallery so you can kind of see a 360 view:

Two New Xbox One Controller Colors: Check Them Out  Two New Xbox One Controller Colors: Check Them Out

The sec­ond con­troller is called Win­ter Forces and you can guess why. It looks like a basic win­ter mil­i­tary cam­ou­flage and also shares black but­tons and triggers.

Both of these con­trollers have blue­tooth sup­port and extend­ed wire­less range. Each of these con­trollers will cost you $69.99, plus tax depend­ing on the state you live and if you buy it retail. This sug­gests these are spe­cial edi­tion Xbox One con­trollers. I would pre­fer the Ocean Shad­ow, which is very sim­i­lar to the the Dawn Shad­ow con­troller from last year.