While every­one is stuck at home due to the pan­dem­ic, Gear­box decid­ed to add events in Bor­der­lands 3 to keeps play­ers busy and inside. The new mini-events that start­ed today are on top of the already ongo­ing event, the Co-op Loot Drop.

For those who don’t know, the Co-op Loot Drop is grant­i­ng more loot for all Badass ene­mies defeat­ed when­ev­er you’re play­ing co-op. This event ends April 30th.

The two events that start­ed today are both end­ing in a week, on April 9th. They involve the slot machines and Prov­ing Grounds:

Slot Machine Mania

For the next week, the Slot Machines in Sanc­tu­ary III will have an increased change to hand out Leg­endary gear. Gear­box also increased the drop rate of grenades, but reduced the chance to get oth­er loot. 

Two New Mini-Events Have Started in Borderlands 3 Today

Trials Take-All

This event will boost rewards giv­en dur­ing the Prov­ing Ground Tri­als. Boss­es now have a 100% chance to drop loot from their pools.

Two New Mini-Events Have Started in Borderlands 3 Today

Source: Gear­box