A cou­ple of top Apex Leg­ends ranked play­ers (or Apex Preda­tors) have been banned by devel­op­er Respawn Enter­tain­ment for a DDoS attack on an Xbox serv­er. They will not be able to play the game again, so they’re the ones with the denial of ser­vice now. Ahh, irony.

A few videos showed up on the Apex Leg­ends sub­red­dit in which an in-progress game crashed after an Apex Preda­tor was knocked down. After the serv­er recon­nect­ed, the downed play­er was revived and stand­ing over the play­er who knocked them down. The fourth and sixth ranked play­ers in the match were accused of per­form­ing the “dis­turbed denial of ser­vice” (DDoS) attack that over­loaded the servers.

The two Apex Leg­ends play­ers user­names were not unveiled. How­ev­er, accord­ing to Respawn secu­ri­ty ana­lyst Conor “Hide­outs” Ford, the two have been banned.

It appears DDoS­ing is a seri­ous issue in Apex Leg­ends on con­sole. Some users have report­ed fre­quent attacks that result in timed penal­ties and a loss of rep­u­ta­tion points because of serv­er disconnects.

Respawn plans on prep­ping a “con­sole reck­on­ing” for those who are using DDoS attacks in Apex Leg­ends. Ford said on Twit­ter that cheaters “can’t hide any” of these attacks.