Anoth­er pos­si­ble ban wave may be kicked off by DMCA claims on Twitch very soon. On Twit­ter, esports ana­lyst and con­sul­tant Rod “Slash­er” Bres­lau shared an email from the stream­ing ser­vice. Accord­ing to the email, Twitch has received a mas­sive 1,000 DMCA claims from music labels. More specif­i­cal­ly, the claims are “for VODs, and the vast major­i­ty tar­get stream­ers lis­ten­ing to back­ground music while play­ing video games or IRL streaming.”

Fil­ing 1,000 DMCA claims is no easy feat, and Twitch believes that some music labels “used auto­mat­ed tools to scan and iden­ti­fy copy­right­ed music in cre­ators’ VODs and Clips.” If this is true, it’s not look­ing too hot for stream­ers on Twitch’s plat­form. With a tool that can scan through cre­ators con­tent, a song that even briefly plays from years pre­vi­ous can lead to a DMCA claim. This is exact­ly the case for Sneep­snuck, who claims to have received a DMCA strike on a VOD from 2019 because Green Day’s Boule­vard of Bro­ken Dreams was playing.

The last time anoth­er mas­sive DMCA claim wave hit Twitch, the stream­ing plat­form sug­gest­ed its users delete every sin­gle clip and VOD in their library. Which is less than helpful.

That being said, Twitch is try­ing to work with music labels and rights hold­ers to fig­ure out a solu­tion. “We are active­ly speak­ing with music labels about solu­tions that could work for cre­ators as well as rights hold­ers,” a sec­tion from the email states. “This is our first such con­tact from the music pub­lish­ing indus­try (there can be sev­er­al own­ers for a sin­gle piece of music), and we are dis­ap­point­ed they decid­ed to send take­downs when we are will­ing and ready to speak to them about solutions.”

The threats of the DMCA take­downs has also impact­ed game devel­op­ment. Due to the impor­tance of stream­ing in the game’s mar­ket­ing, devel­op­ers have are care­ful to ensure that stream­ers will be safe play­ing their games on Twitch. More games are being shipped with tog­gle options to turn off the music that may be sub­ject to DMCA claims. How­ev­er, this does­n’t always work, as proven when a wave of DMCA issues hit for Cyber­punk 2077 streamers.