Twisted Metal Reboot May Have Switched Developers — Report

The unan­nounced reboot of Twist­ed Met­al might have seen a change in devel­op­er, at least accord­ing to a new report.

VCG report­ed that Twist­ed Met­al’s devel­op­ment have moved from Lucid Games, the cre­ators of Destruc­tion All­Stars, to a Sony stu­dio in Europe. The game has­n’t even offi­cial­ly been revealed, so Sony and Lucid Games have yet to pro­vide a com­ment. How­ev­er, VGC sources did sug­gest that this change may be due to Destruc­tion All­Star’s reception.

The com­bat dri­ving game was meant to launch with the PlaySta­tion 5 for $60, but it was delayed for three months before the PS5 released. When Destruc­tion All­Stars did release, Sony made the deci­sion to offer the title for free on PlaySta­tion Plus, and then to sell it for $20 after­wards. The play­er base for the game dra­mat­i­cal­ly dropped after launch, forc­ing Lucid Games to imple­ment com­put­er oppo­nents to deal with the serv­er wait times.

Twist­ed Met­al has­n’t had a release in the series since the most recent reboot in 2012. VGC says the game is sup­posed to launch along­side the planned TV series based on the game in 2023.

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