Top 10 UK Game Sales For June 2017

The lat­est UK game sales have just released. No major sur­pris­es or upsets, but there are some things of note.

Crash Bandi­coot N Sane Tril­o­gy tops the charts and becomes the UK’s best­selling sin­gle for­mat box release of this year. It nar­row­ly beats out Hori­zon Zero Down and the only oth­er game to do bet­ter in its debut week is Ghost Recon: Wild­lands which was a mul­ti-plat­form release.

Grand Theft Auto has seen a 12% increase in sales. This is in spite of recent crit­i­cisms against Take-Two for tak­ing down the mod­ding tool OpenIV. Many play­ers felt that this was Take-Two tak­ing a stance against sin­gle play­er mods and going back on their world although Take-Two dis­putes this. Take-Two also took down mul­ti­play­er cheat­ing tools for GTA Online and made the cre­ators donate to char­i­ty so per­haps the move cre­at­ed enough good PR to explain the increase.

As usu­al the list only takes into account phys­i­cal copies and not dig­i­tal sales.

  1. Crash Bandi­coot N Sane Trilogy
  2. Micro Machines: World Series
  3. Grand Theft Auto V
  4. Forza Hori­zon 3
  5. FIFA 17
  6. Over­watch
  7. Elite Dan­ger­ous
  8. Mario Kart 8: Deluxe
  9. Dirt 4
  10. Rock­et League


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