Titanfall 2 Reveals Highlights of It’s Upcoming Content

EA announced some new free con­tent for Titan­fall 2, which they have titled “A Glitch in the Fron­tier”, which will be released on April 25th. A game­play trail­er has also been added for this newest content. 
  A Glitch it the Fron­tier is going to include 2 new gen­er­al muti­play­er maps and two Live Fire maps. Only one of each was revealed today, as well as a new Fac­tion and exe­cu­tion. You can see all of what Respawn Enter­tain­ment is adding below:

Glitch Map

  • A medi­um-sized map designed for objec­tive modes and inspired by Cap­tain Lastimosa’s home plan­et of Har­mo­ny. Ver­ti­cal drops and long, twist­ing paths dom­i­nate the envi­ron­ment, per­fect for chain­ing togeth­er long wall runs to seam­less­ly glide across the map

Titanfall 2 Reveals Highlights of It's Upcoming Content

Deck Live Fire Map

  • Tight inte­ri­or spaces, exposed court­yards, and watch­ful drones cir­cling over­head. You may see a M.R.V.N. or two put­ter­ing around in the background…

Titanfall 2 Reveals Highlights of It's Upcoming Content

  • M.R.V.N. Fac­tion
  • Marked for Death game mode. We’ll be intro­duc­ing this as a fea­tured mode around the launch of Glitch in the Fron­tier update.
  • Update to the Main Menu 
    • We spruced things up a bit with a new look and tiles for news and oth­er cool stuff we want you to check out.
  • Max Gen increase for Pilots 
    • You will now be able to Gen to 100.
    • New Gen icons for your call­sign. You will receive a new one for each 10 gens you achieve.
  • Abil­i­ty to choose between Prime and reg­u­lar exe­cu­tions for Titans
  • New exe­cu­tion: Get to the Point [Pulse Blade]
  • Live Fire mode added to Pri­vate Match options
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