Titanfall 2 Gets New Mode & Colony Map In Free Upcoming Update

Respawn Enter­tain­ment has announced it next upcom­ing game mode for Titan­fall 2, titled Live Fire.This game mode is part of their many free DLC updates and should be com­ing in the next few weeks, so some­time in February. 

Live Fire is a fast-paced, round-based, 6v6, elim­i­na­tion mode. Each round play­ers have only 60 sec­onds to elim­i­nate the entire ene­my team or cap­ture and con­trol the neu­tral flag on the map. The team hold­ing the neu­tral flag when time runs out, wins that round, regard­less of play­ers lost.

Grif­fin Dean, design­er behind this crazy mode, gave a lit­tle insight behind how it was created:

Live Fire was inspired by speed­ball match­es in paint­ball. We want­ed to cap­ture the spir­it of these light­ning-fast com­pet­i­tive match­es and give it a Titan­fall twist. Live Fire, like speed­ball, is fun­da­men­tal­ly about for­ward momen­tum. You have to advance against the ene­my, attack aggres­sive­ly with­out hes­i­ta­tion, and make split sec­ond deci­sions that can make or break your team’s victory.” 

Titanfall 2 Gets New Mode & Colony Map In Free Upcoming Update

As you can see above, the maps have zip-lines to make get­ting across the map faster and eas­i­er. This will also make you a tar­get. The maps are designed around con­trolled sight-lines, choke points, and flank routes. This is to force play­ers into to confrontation.

There are sup­posed to be two new maps in this con­tent update, but there are no screen­shots of them. Sor­ry guys. How­ev­er, there will be new Prime Titans and cos­met­ics you can pur­chase at the store. There will also be a patch that fix­es bugs, makes some bal­ance tweaks, and adds new online features. 

Colony will also be mak­ing a come­back in Titan­fall 2, but not until some­time in March. Respawn out­lined some of its future con­tent in an image, which you can see below:

Titanfall 2 Gets New Mode & Colony Map In Free Upcoming Update

Titanfall 2 Gets New Mode & Colony Map In Free Upcoming Update


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