Titanfall 2 Has Another Upcoming Free DLC Drop: The War Games

Respawn is still pump­ing out free DLC for Titan­fall 2 and this next one is com­ing up on June 27th. It has been titled “The War Games” and it actu­al­ly adjusts the game slight­ly, while giv­ing play­ers new maps, a new exe­cu­tion, and adding a per­ma­nent mode. 

Respawn said they would have a trail­er for us on launch day (kind of sil­ly), but they did give us all the infor­ma­tion regard­ing what was includ­ed with the next update:


War Games

Titanfall 2 Has Another Upcoming Free DLC Drop: The War Games

Live Fire Map: Traffic

Titanfall 2 Has Another Upcoming Free DLC Drop: The War Games


New Exe­cu­tion: Shad­ow Box­ing [Holo Pilot]

  • Get 20 pilot kills while a holop­i­lot abil­i­ty is active (Both nor­mal holop­i­lot and boost abil­i­ty holop­i­lot nova count.) Does not retroac­tive­ly count.

This is where things change a lit­tle, instead of hav­ing the usu­al pri­ma­ry and anti-Titan weapon, play­ers can now car­ry a 3rd weapon. This makes games a lot more gun intensive. 

  • 3rd Weapon Slot for Pilots – You will now be able to equip a pri­ma­ry, sec­ondary, and anti-titan weapon.


  • Titan Brawl will be added to the per­ma­nent list of game modes. Titan dam­age will be dis­played instead of assists.
  • New Fea­tured Mode: Free Agents


  • Addi­tion­al details for bal­ance changes, fea­tures, and updates will be pro­vid­ed in the patch notes clos­er to launch.

Source: EA

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